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We cannot put into words or into a video just how much we felt and what we went through when working on this Hilux. Our staff worked with heavy hearts but with a vigour and enthusiasm that spawned an energy burst. The message in this video has nothing to do with us.

It is all about expressing the right message to all workplaces, whatever industry, whatever culture at work, first and foremost the well being, the safety and health of staff. We hope you not only watch but share and pass this video on to all your friends and family.

Christopher was only eighteen so the message is, none of us are too young or old and none of us are too experienced or inexperienced, it could affect everyone. Lets make sure we all do the right thing and look out for each other.

Lastly, if you can support this cause it goes a long way in helping grieving families, people finding it tough to get on their feet after a loss of a loved one in a workplace. Please visit #christopherslaw