Torqit Pedal Torq

Torqit Pedal Torq | High Quality Torqit Pedal Torque Chip 


Buy Torqit Pedal Torq at AutoCraze and combat against the throttle lag you experience in your vehicle. Don’t leave your pride and joy lagging everywhere, solve that problem today at AutoCraze with a Torqit Pedal Torq and experience a drive like no other. Don’t let your vehicle feel all slow and clunky, as though you’re just dragging your vehicle across the road. But instead make it feel as though you’re breezing and flying with a slight push on the pedal.

About Torqit Pedal Torq

Torqit Pedal Torq is a plug-n-play-module that’s quick and easy to install that helps combat against throttle lag that may be experienced within new vehicles with “drive-by-wire” control systems. They’re TUV approved, and German Autobahn certified, meaning you’ll be getting some quality German engineering products of the highest standards. All Torqit Pedal Torq devices

  • TUV Approved
  • German Autobahn certified
  • Three driving modes with six levels of customisation, that’s 21 settings in all!
  • Each module is programmed for individual make and model
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany and exhaustively tested
  • Suitable for diesel and petrol engines

Why get Torqit Pedal Torq 

When driving your new vehicle, you may experience some lag caused from the “drive-by-wire” control systems which is commonly seen in most new vehicles. You may have experienced some throttle lag when driving, you push your accelerator pedal, yet you can’t seem to get any power straight away. This can be very frustrating and annoying for anyone on the road driving big 4WD’S around.

That’s where the Torqit Pedal Torq comes in, helping you eliminate any throttle lag by intercepting the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine control unit. Giving your vehicle a much more better and faster throttle response.

How Torqit Pedal Torq works

Most new vehicles sold use the “drive-by-wire” control systems for their accelerator. That means that when you apply pressure on the accelerator pedal of your vehicle, a sensor measures how much pressure is being applied, sending a signal to the control module. Which then tells the engine to open the throttle with the corresponding amount that’s required based on the pressure applied on the accelerator pedal.

What Torqit Pedal Torq does with vehicles that have “drive-by-wire” is that it sits between the sensor and the control module of your vehicle, intercepting the signal that would’ve been sent to the vehicle’s engine and altering it for a shorter and improved response time. Torqit Pedal Torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve a much better and wider throttle response, giving you access to your engines full potential. And combating against any lag that you would normally have without the Torqit Pedal Torq.

Torqit Pedal Torq eliminates any throttle lag by taking the signal from the pedal, adjusting it to an efficient signal setting and sending it to the car’s engine control unit.

How to install Torqit Pedal Torq

Installing your Torqit Pedal Torq is quite simple, however we suggest you get a specialist to install your Torqit Pedal Torq for your own safety and to ensure that there is no damage to your vehicle when installing it.

Never install or remove your Torqit Pedal Torq when your key is in the ignition or when your ignition system is active. Always make sure that you switch off the ignition and wait around 5 minutes for all the electrical systems to power down and fully discharge before installing the Torqit Pedal Torq system.

For majority of vehicles the connection for the Torqit Pedal Torq should be close to the accelerator pedal or around the steering column of your vehicle. Always ensure that your Pedal Torq and any associated wiring look do not interfere with the operation or the steering of the vehicle. DO NOT MODIFY the Torqit Pedal Torq or wiring in any way, otherwise this will result in voiding any warranty of your Torqit Pedal Torq.



Torqit Pedal Torq Program and Settings 

The Torqit Pedal Torq offers a wide variety of settings to suit any type of driving. With settings to increase your throttle response by up to 16%, improved torque in low speed range, and even settings to ensure a quick start, rapid acceleration or overtaking. If that wasn’t enough you can even customise it to suit your own driving style be either increasing or reducing the response of the accelerator pedal. (DO NOT CHANGE THE PROGRAM AND SETTINGS WHILST ACCELERATING)


Each individual Pedal Torq is programmed for each specific vehicle, so make sure that when you’re buying your Torqit Pedal Torq at AutoCraze, you are getting the right one for the correct model of your vehicle.

Torqit Pedal Torq Troubleshooting solutions

Here are some troubleshooting solutions for any problems you may encounter or have with your Torqit Pedal Torq devices.


When using the Torqit Pedal Torq on most extreme settings that some vehicles may display the engine management light (EML) or cause limited Power (LIMP) Mode.

If this problem occurs when using the Torqit Pedal Torq, switch the Torqit Pedal Torq to an alternate setting. Switch off your vehicle, and turn it back on. The EML or LIMP should disappear after you have turned your vehicle off and back on. However, if the problem still persists with your Torqit Pedal Torq then you must see a technician to clear the error.

Torqit Customer Testimonial 

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