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Kmc revert 22x9.5 6x139.7 satin black milled accents

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Specialising in wheels, tyres and suspension, AutoCraze is Australia’s premiere rims online store, delivering the latest designs drawn from inspiration around the globe. Whether you drive a daily passenger car, JDM tuner, luxury European or an off-road 4X4, you’ll find the biggest range from the biggest brands at the lowest prices.


When speaking with clients, they naturally tell us why they need to buy rims in the first place, which is totally understandable. Some buy to improve the appearance of their vehicle, and some purchase them to improve their high performance vehicles, whether it be for oz racing or off-road.

Whatever you decide, rest assure that we offer a complete wheel & tyre packages range for you.

What's the difference between rims and wheels?

Many people use term 'wheel' as a 'rim' meaning the entire metal part to which the tyre is mounted because rim and wheel are usually cast or pressed from a single piece of metal. The main difference between car wheels and rims is that a rim is not the whole wheel but only a part of the wheel. The main job of car rims is to seal the tyre and protect the wheel whilst the wheel is the part that rotates in order to allow the vehicle or other equipment moving.

Although wheels and rims in Australia are interchangeably used, it is technically incorrect and there are clear differences in how it works and for what the tyre also offers. It’s important to understand this, in order to prevent any confusion when explaining your requirements during your visit to our wheel shop.

How much do wheels cost?

Wheels in Australia cost range depend widely for different cars. There are dealers who will charge you per aspect ratio while others will charge you depending on the diameter of the tyre. Many other online stores don’t include the pricing, in order to attract customers to buy, only leading to disappointment.

As a general rule of thumb, you should know that the smaller the wheels the lower the price. The larger rims from 18 inches to 22 inches will cost you more to mount tyres on them. The cost will also be high when you are purchasing these wheels. Larger tyres cost much more because they cost more to make and production time is longer. In addition, most of them are used on high-end cars.

At Autocraze we offer free tyre and wheel alignment across all wheel and tyre packages. Our customer service team are happy to support you if you are looking for wheels alone and we only offer genuine and a huge range of wheels to suit any budget.

How do I know which mag wheels will fit my vehicle?

Choosing the right set of wheels can be hard work. If you are searching online, we’ve made the process simpler by narrowing our wide range based on the model, make and size. Choose from the options provided on the left-hand wheel selector for mags, alloy wheels, steel wheels, aftermarket, custom wheels, SUV and sports rims & wheels.

If you can’t find your vehicle, contact us on our feedback form and rest assured we’ll try our best to find the most relevant one for you. Going through this process will cut the time and effort it takes to make the best purchase for your vehicle.

Once you have completed the purchase, bring your vehicle and we’ll get started on the process. You can even see the fitting process take place from our rim shop workshop and the professionalism needed in order to commit to our wheel fitment guarantee every time. With over 300 fitting partners across Australia, you’ll get that added convenience of having all your products fitted and installed at a location nearest to you.

The benefits of choosing wheels online

Technology makes life simpler with making repayments an being spoilt for choice.

As a Zipmoney partner, AutoCraze allows you to make flexible repayments for your purchase. The other clear benefit is your ability to see the range of brands on offer. This comes from our commitment to sourcing the best on offer.

Our range includes Fuel, Zenetti, Helo, Niche, Black Rhino, KMC XD, Asanti, American Racing, Rotiform, Koya and many more.

Be sure to also regularly revisit this page or let your friends know of regular discounts and sales of selected products.

Thanks for visiting AutoCraze. Buy wheels with style and performance today.

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