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Dale Thompson (Sydney, NSW)

Guys did a great job! Got a good deal, service was insanely fast, all the guys there helped us out heaps, got killer rims and tyres, what else can you want?! There a go to place for wheel packages, beats over ozzy tyres any day.


Aldrin Buzz Fulitod

Aldrin Buzz Fulitod (Brisbane, QLD)

Got my wheel with these fellas! Awesome wheels! Great service, Really looked after me well. Great service! Highly recommended !! Must check it out!


Jerry Bling

Jerry Bling (Sydney, NSW)

Awesome service!! Went above and beyond! They look after fitting and all like it's their own. Nice to deal with and take their time with you.


Chris Watling

Chris Watling (Gwando, NSW)

Big Thanks to the crew from Auto Craze excellent customer service and knowledge of different types of vehicles and range outstanding. highly recommend to any motoring enthusiasts.


Charlie Day

Charlie Day (Perth, WA)

Great service and pricing. Awesome delivery time highly recommend


Stephanie Kulikovskis

Stephanie Kulikovskis (Sydney, NSW)

Great customer service. Love the new look of my car. Thanks again guys


Jun Sui

Jun Sui (Sydney, NSW)

As a big fan of off road cars, changing brand new tyres is never cheap. My OEM Dunlop 265/65R18 At22 are running out of tread, before I went ahead with retread tyres or second hand tyres, luckily I did search online. I found Autocraze with reasonable price of what I need, after talk with Johnny, I decided to change to Pirelli Scorpion Verde, as my At22 were really easy to pick nails. After change the new pirelli's, I can even feel better handle of my prado, it makes my trip a lot smoother! Thanks Autocraze, good work, great help!


Anoop Augustin

Anoop Augustin (Adelaide, SA)

Good website.Very easy to find matching wheels and packages..


Corey Doolan

Corey Doolan (Sydney, NSW)

Hands down the best customer service you can get with the best price. These people are car enthusiasts. The have a true passion for the industry and they will do anything they can to help!


Bryan Lj Espiritu

Michael Downey (Sydney, NSW)

OK, talk about going above and beyond. These guys are awesome. Firstly, they didn't have my alloy in, they gave me an upgrade without me having to pay the difference!  Next, everyone is very friendly and happy to talk about your car, wheel choice and give great advice! Fitting took next to no time! They gave me a new set of wheel studs and added tyre shine. Finally, they wrapped my old wheels up so it wouldn't damage the back seats of my car when i drove home... Cannot recommend AutoCraze enough! well done guys.


Rory Dori

Rory Dori (Sydney, NSW)

Dale is awesome, would recommend going in for anything wheel or suspension related


Nick Memevens

Nick Memevens (Sydney, NSW) 

Great service. Never seem to go wrong with any work they do.


Sam Crafter

Sam Crafter (Canberra, ACT)

John and the team looked after me really well, when they sent me a set of wheels and they didnt fit, they fixed it all up, sent me a new set, payed for the old ones to go back, no questions asked. Always picked up the phone, really easy to deal with.


Brandon Karudu

Brandon Karudu (Sydney, NSW)

These boys are genuinely nice guys! Best service and have a wide selection of wheels and tyres


B R Florendo Galvez

B R Florendo Galvez (Sydney, NSW)

Got hooked up with some xxr 527s wrapped with Perrilli P7s, couldnt be happier now awaiting on next hook up for the ms car & mine 100% recommend !


Colby Buxton

Colby Buxton (Broken Hill, NSW)

Extremely good service, I was a pain in the ass customer in my own books in what I wanted and John from auto craze helped me get the right tyres for my car after a good 8 hrs straight back & forth of decisions. Highly recommend, they know what there talking about!

Bryan Lj Espiritu

Bryan Lj Espiritu (Sydney, NSW)

Smooth and easy to deal with, very straight forward BS just to make a sale, they know their wheels and tyres from top to bottom.


Seven Bien

Seven Bien (Sydney, NSW)

These guys did all the leg work for me. Was worried about my lug nuts before i came there coz mine was old and looks bad on a new set of wheels but when I arrived they already had it and all organised for you. And on top of that price is very competitive. Thanks Kevin and dale of autocraze.


Desmond Siregar

Desmond Siregar (Sydney, NSW)

Excellent service from Dale at Auto Craze who had my wheel setup fitted and ready to go in no time and didn't mind me disturbing him. Will definitely recommend Auto Craze to everyone.


Anthony Badua

Anthony Badua (Sydney, NSW)

Best service!!! Great team at autocraze. Real car enthusiasts. Thanks for all the help guys


Shaye Baran

Shaye Baran (Brisbane, QLD)

Great customer service, nice to talk to over the phone, had some good help and advise while I was choosing wheels suitable for my car :]

Cameron Heard

Cameron Heard (Brisbane, QLD)

Very happy with my new wheels and tires. They came balanced and ready to throw on. Arrived quickly and efficiently. Guys at auto craze were very helpful and friendly. Cheers guys!


B R Florendo Galvez

B R Florendo Galvez (Sydney, NSW)

Got hooked up with some xxr 527s wrapped with Perrilli P7s, couldnt be happier now awaiting on next hook up for the ms car & mine 100% recommend !


Nelson & Nicole

Nelson & Nicole (Perth, WA)

We got some new wheels for my Mrs car & they understand customer service. They focused on what Nic wanted for her ride & that was greatly appreciated. Dale & the team went above and beyond for us & it's for that reason we'll be back & why we couldn't recommend them more highly. Thanks again Nelson & Nicole.


Dennis Edward Shen

Shaun Kok (Sydney, NSW)

Needed an odd fitment for my ride and wasn't sure my custom wheels would fit. The guys at AutoCraze were unfazed and got the wheels fitted with some sick rubber no problems! Thanks guys!


Dennis Edward Shen

James Parame (Sydney, NSW)

I've told my mates why would you drive all the way to a popular tyre shop near the airport (..lets call them 'Pempe' Tyres) where you have to wait around all day and deal with rude and not helpful staff. The guys at AutoCraze are the best. Very friendly and helpful staff. Whether its car parts, wheel alignments or advice on which tyres to go - these guys know their stuff. If you need tyres and wheels, without out doubt I would recommend them. Quick, easy and very competitively priced. Will definitely be coming back to them.Keep up the great work AutoCraze team!


Dennis Edward Shen

KaTsung Chu (Sydney, NSW)

Went in for fitting coilovers, wheel alignment, setting ride height, and fitting new tyres.Dale was professional with the installation and provided suggestions with the ride height and camber setting. He was also able to contact the coilovers manufacturer to resolve a knocking noise issue with the new coilovers after the install.Although they do not have their in house wheel alignment machine, he was able to collaborate with Bob Jane Castle Hill and had the car aligned.Overall 5/5, and will visit again :)


Dennis Edward Shen

RazelCapuno (Sydney, NSW)

Only able to bring the car on the weekend Autocraze was able to fit tyres early Saturday morning. I was very surprised that the shop was open even though i was early. Spoke to Dale and Kev who are the most down to earth guys. Sharing the same interests in cars you know your car is in the right hands.If you want to go to a shop for tyres with excellent customer service at rock bottom places, then there's no going past Autocraze. Thanks again guys!!


Dennis Edward Shen

Dennis Edward Shen (Sydney, NSW)

My experience with Autocraze is very very good. The staff of Autocraze are very knowledgeable in field of wheels and tyres and gave me the best advice and of course price.I recently purchased XXR wheels and they gave me the perfect size and offset to give me the wheel fitment that I require. Installation was quick and their technicians actually knows what they are doing. They also showed me the difference between the genuine XXR wheel and a "fake" one.I'm very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend Autocraze for any of your wheel and tyre needs.Thanks again!!!!


Mick Tasic

Mick Tasic (Melbourne, VIC)

I went to AutoCraze looking to get a new set of tyres for my car. They have a great range of wheels and tyres to choose from and although I only needed tyres this time I will definitely be back for some great looking wheels for my other car. The service was excellent and they did a great job of changing the tyres, balancing and making sure that my car was in tip top shape.


Roger Stockburger

Roger Stockburger (Gold Coast, QLD)

Absolutely brilliant service! The Staff at Autocraze were extremely helpful in helping me to find both wheels and the right tyres for my car. The wheels package I got was real value for money. I couldn't recommend the guys at AutoCraze in Sydney highly enough. Thanks again for the great work guys.



georgekosto (Sydney, NSW)

AutoCraze provided me the best deal in Sydney for rims and tyres that were perfect for my Subaru Forester, they understood the purpose of my vehicle and what I would regularly be doing with my vehicle and fitted the safest tyres. The staff were friendly and approachable when walking into their office. Would highly recommend them to my friends and family :)


Lucy M

Lucy M (Melbourne, VIC)

Autocraze was such a huge help. I don't have much of an idea when it comes to cars/tyres but the staff was so incredibly patient with me and all my probably silly questions I had to ask. So lovely and helpful.. Was amazed at the cheap tyres they offered and certainly left a happy customer!!!


Reyan Fernando

Reyan Fernando (Geelong, VIC)

I never thought I would buy 4WD mag wheels online but a friend told me about Auto Craze. So I jumped on their website and was amazed at the range of 4WD mag wheels they have available. Found the wheels I wanted, ordered them online and received them last week. Fast and easy, the way online shopping should be. Thanks guys!


 mel hagon

Mel Hagon (Darwin, NT)

Very pleased with the service and price overall. I would definitely buy from again and recommend autocraze to my friends.


 josh coleman

Josh Coleman (Broken Hill, NSW)

I was looking online for prices for wheels and tyres. I rang in and talked to Matthew who was very polite and informative. Couldn’t be happier with the price and the service. Matthew and the rest of the staff were excellent and even encouraged me to shop around and call Autocraze for some prices. I would highly recommend them.


 maria watling

Maria Watling (Perth, WA)

Great customer service from the team at Autocraze. Even though it was at the end of the day, they were very courteous and quick. I was really impressed by how quickly I received the item. Would definitely buy from again.


 Tom Health

Tom Health (Cairns, QLD)

I bought a set of rims with a tyre package and they arrived within a few days. Opened them straight out of the box and put them straight on the car, couldn’t have asked for a better company to go through!


 Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor (Wollongong, NSW)

A+++ service. I live down in Wollongogng and ordered some new wheels for my ranger. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Autocraze. Thanks again guys.


 Ian Curtis

Ian Curtis (Alice Springs, NT)

“Great shop less money and more variety than other stores ive been to”


 Denise Luu

Denise Luu (Sydney, NSW)

“Excellent service and great selection of wheels!!!”


 Dan John Jin

Dan John Jin (Sydney, NSW)

“Really cool place. Nice service and good price”


Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang (Melbourne, VIC)

I was looked after really well. My products arrived quickly and overall was
a great experience. Good, honest staff like Matt really gave some excellent
advice and now I'm getting compliments on my wheels. Thanks!


Ash wood (Sydney, NSW)

Service is 100% best around, would recommend To anyone

Ange Oc

Ange Oc (Adelaide, SA)

Fantastic service. Unbeatable prices. Definately recommend


Jonathan Montes

Jonathan Montes (Sydney, NSW)

Excellent customer service!!! They went above and beyond to ensure that we were looked after and were also very transparent with everything that was happening. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying wheels and/or tyres from them.


Michael Gatt

Michael Gatt (Sydney, NSW) 

Auto Craze goes above and beyond, quick service, always willing to help you out! A one stop shop for all your needs. The team is one big family that support each other and work together to give myself and other customers that professional service at a fair cost. Lastweek I had 4 new tyres fitted, they had the tyres in stock and with only an hours notice my tyres were replaced and I was back on the road!


Nick Buckley

Nick Buckley (Perth, WA)

Awesome guys to deal with! Would recommend them to anyone!!


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