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AutoCraze has over 300 fitting and balancing stores across Australia. But we aren't just the wheel and tyre specialist, we also offer a huge range of services at our main store in Sydney. Here are just some of the addtioanl services we provide at AutoCraze;

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After new rims are put on your ride, the standard cast look of the factory calipers look pretty average. Let AutoCraze update the look with our caliper paint service. This cost effective and simple modification helps update the look of the brakes and is a nice little touch to go with your new rims.


caliper paint autocraze


Brake calipers fade due to the harsh conditions it endures when you drive. Combined with the hot Australian climate, your brakes will inevitably fade from factory. A lick of paint from AutoCraze will have your calipers looking brand new. Add attention to detail and personalise your car by painting your brake calipers to match the look of your car.


Brake calipers at autocraze


AutoCraze uses high quality paint to ensure the colour is durable with protective coating resistant to chipping, brake dust and automotive chemicals. First, the brake calipers are carefully prepared for paint. This is done by sanding down the caliper and applying primer so the new caliper paint does not crack over time. Sometimes rust builds up around the brake rotors, so the team at AutoCraze removes them before moving on. The caliper paint is then applied once preparations are made to the caliper and then left to air dry.

Colours available are:
•    Red
•    Blue
•    Black
•    Yellow

the new caliper paint


For caliper painting services, call 1800 099 634 for a free quote and bookings.




Need some aftermarket suspension to compliment your new rims on your ride? We have you covered! Lowered springs, coil-overs and lift kits can be supplied and if needed fitted in house. All fitting prices include wheel alignments and is a drive in, drive out price.


Call us now on 1800 099 634


Suspension plays a big part in modifying your car. It can determine and change the feel and whole look of your car. With the different suspension options available, AutoCraze can come up with a solution to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to enhance performance, handling, load carrying or purely ride height, AutoCraze has the right suspension components for you.
Having trouble dialling in your perfect alignment for your street or track car? AutoCraze can supply you with aftermarket parts including:

•    Camber bolts
•    Aftermarket adjustable suspension arms
•    Misalignment suspension bush kits

These parts will help get that alignment 100% perfect and promote the best life for your tyres. All these products can be installed in house and all fitting prices include a wheel alignment to make sure everything is pointing straight.




Over time your factory exhaust system becomes tired. This can cause exhaust leaks and holes can develop after years of being on the car.AutoCraze can supply and install replacement systems to suit most vehicles or upgrade to a bolt on performance system. A performance system changes the note that the car makes and can help update the rear of the vehicle as well.


AutoCraze offers a range of car lowering services



Braking feeling a bit funny? Your ride doesn’t want to stop as it used to? Is the brake system making noises under light or hard braking?


suspension systems


AutoCraze can help with replacement parts and fitting. This includes:

•    Brake pads
•    Brake rotors
•    Brake upgrades
All prices include fitting.

As well as all of these services, we also carry aftermarket wheel nuts, lock nuts to help keep your rims safe from all the jealous people out there, accessories and plenty more.


If you have any enquiries or questions an any of our products or services we provide, contact us on 1800 099 634 or shoot us an email at sales@autocraze.com.au

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