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Hamer 4x4 bullbar ford ranger

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At AutoCraze we stock only the best quality bull bars on the market. You’ll find big brands such as Rival 4x4, Hamer 4x4 and SLX 4x4.

These bull bars have been hand picked by our 4WD specialist to ensure that our customers are only getting the best quality bull bars on the market.

For the serious 4×4 driver, a bull bar is not only used as a protection device for a vehicle but as a mount that can be used to pull heavy ancillary equipment and other manual labour jobs. Buy your bull bar online at AutoCraze and protect your ride today. AutoCraze stocks only the highest quality bull bars in the market to suit your 4WD. All 4×4 bull bars are ADR compliant and suit all safety standards.


Before you buy your front bull bar

What is a bull bar used for?

The main purpose of getting a bull bar on your 4wd is to protect the front end of your vehicle i.e if you ever hit an animal on the road or collide with another vehicle. Your bull bar will take the damage off your vehicle and keep you and your passengers safe, while also giving your 4wd a more serious off-road look.

Typically, bull bars are used to protect your vehicle against animals, people, and even other vehicles. They’re designed to minimise as much damage as possible if you are ever to get into an accident.

How heavy is an ARB bull bar?

From customer user reports and multiple sources, the typical weight of an ARB bull bar ranges from 50kg-75kg.

Are Bull Bars Universal?

No bull bars are not universal, make sure to check if a bull bar has been specifically designed to suit your vehicle before purchasing. If you’re unsure give us a call on 1800 099 634 to find out more about fitments of specific bull bars.

What is the difference between a bull bar and bumper bar?

A bull bar is a large piece of manufactured metal which has been designed to protect the front end of your vehicle for example collisions with other vehicles, animals, and even debris from frequently off-roading.

While a bumper bar is a type of style of a bull bar it provides an increased protection over the stock fender of the vehicle. It’s the most basic form of protection for the front end of your vehicle.

In the end, the difference between a bull bar and a bumper bar is the way it’s designed. A bull bar will give you more protection covering more of the front end of your vehicle. While a bumper bar will give you the most basic protection.

How much are bull bars for 4×4’s? And what’s the general cost of replacing one?

The general cost of replacing your bumper bar on your vehicle at AutoCraze can generally cost from $1000 – $3000 dependent on the brand of your choosing. It’s crucial that your desired 4×4 bull bar complies with Australian design standards, as it could void your insurance if you get into an accident and it does not comply with ADR standards. At AutoCraze all our bull bars sold are ADR approved.

Shop Now or don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 099 634. One of our 4WD specialists will be able to help you throughout the process when buying and custom fitting your bullbar accessories.

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