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At AutoCraze we’re committed to do our part to ensure we are environmentally responsible by Investing and raising our standards to minimise the impact on the environment.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) was established in 2012 as a statutory authority with an independent governing Board.

AutoCraze Is EPA approved meaning that we abide to all EPA guidelines in storing, disposing and transporting scrap tyres.

It is estimated that around 18 million waste tyres are generated in Australia each year.

They occupy large volumes of landfill space and are difficult to compact.

Worst still, tyres typically flex back to the surface after burial.

We invest in ensuring that every scrap tyre at AutoCraze does not end up in contributing to landfill waste using specialised machines to recycle and dispose of tyres.

At AutoCraze, being a wheel and tyre store means that we deal with a lot of packing material.

We reuse all the boxes from our wheels to repackage and distribute our wheel and tyre packages across Australia.

Any additional cardboard and paper from our packing materials are recycled with Visy recycling facilities.