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Combine the best looks with performance by opting for a set of staggered wheels with AutoCraze. As a group of passionate car enthusiasts, AutoCraze is your one-stop shop for anything automotive! Our specialised staff can help you find that perfect wheel you are looking for, while keeping in mind looks as well as performance. Turn to the experts and transform the look of your ride today!


What does Staggered Wheels mean?

Basically, staggered wheels otherwise known as staggered fitment means that the rear wheels of the set are wider than the front wheels. For example, in a set the front wheels measure up at 18×9 but the rear wheels measure up at 18×10. The staggered wheels are commonly used on rear-wheel-drive cars, found factory on manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, Audi and more..

awesome-color-combo-on-a-bmw-e92-m3-photo-gallery-70025_1But why stay stock? AutoCraze is all about personalisation and customisation!

Grab yourself a set of staggered wheels for your car and make it look and perform the part. Not only does a staggered fitment look aesthetically pleasing on the car, but it also provides functionality. A wider rear wheel allows for more contact to the pavement so traction is maximised, putting the power to the ground without losing any grip. For any performance RWD car, a set of staggered wheels are a must. A staggered wheels setup ultimately enhances the overall grip for cornering and straight line ability, effectively counteracting the tendency for the rear end to swing out sideways. Reduce the amount of oversteer on your vehicle by opting for a set of staggered wheels.

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Going for a set of staggered wheels are recommended for any RWD vehicles. AutoCraze ensures a 100% fitment guarantee on all staggered wheels purchased from the store. Our specialised staff works out a combination of specific widths and offsets so that the staggered wheels sit perfectly the way you want it. Whether you are going for a reserved look where the wheels sit cleanly under the guards, or a more tough stance with wheels sitting further out towards the guard, the team at AutoCraze will do the maths!

The automotive scene has been evolving, and AutoCraze has been pushing the scene to the limits with custom staggered wheels. Stocking one of the biggest range of staggered wheels in the market, made available to you all across Australia! From the comfort of your own home, you can browse the online store for a range of staggered wheels to suit most Makes & Models, from your boosted Japanese Nissan or Toyota, your exotic Euro like the BMW or Audi, or even tough Aussie muscle such as the Holden or Ford!

AutoCraze stocks premium brands such as Rays, ADV.1 and BBS wheels to more value for money wheels such as TSW, SSW and more. We have wheels of all styles to suit your car, whether you prefer a tough sport look, or classy and luxurious look.


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