SSW Hockenheim Wheels


ssw hockenheim

DO you want something that can enhance his car’s performance just like a Rolex watch on a Louis Vuitton suit. Well just look at the SSW Hockenheim wheels above and speak for yourself. For this happy customer, we transform his everyday Mazda 3 into something set to speed down the motorway as well as turn heads in his neighbourhood.

About SSW Wheels

SSW Wheels has been producing quality alloy wheels since the 1930s. This Thailand-based company has a variety of wheels are that are set to the most prestige quality in the world. They offer the buyer the best comfort and performance that no other wheel in the market can compete with. SSW Wheels presence can be felt in more than 90 countries including the US, UK, most of Europe and Australia, just to name a few.

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FAQS about the SSW Hockenheim

What sizes are available?

we have the Hockenheim available in the sizes of 17″, 18″ and 19″ inches

What finishes are available?

we have the following finishes available: Hyper Black, Gloss Black and Silver

Is it a load rated wheel?

yes, the SSW Hockenheim is a load rated wheel

Benefits and features of the SSW Hockenheim

This wheel is imported in blanks and has a unique 10-spoke design, and each of the spokes finish at edge of the rim. The features associated with this wheel include:″

  • 100% fitment guarantee.
  • Is in compliance with Australian Standards, both state and federal
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • unique step up on each spoke, so that it would add more curve for the wheel

ssw hockenheim #1

Mazda 3 with 18″ SSW Hockenheim wheels, Back shot

ssw hockenheim #2

Mazda 3 with 18″ SSW Hockenheim wheels, Back fitment shot

Autocraze is a licenced dealer that has over 200 wheels at your disposal. Whether you want to enhance your car’s performance, make it the spotlight at your next car meet up or in your neighbourhood, we have you covered. We offered the latest wheels straight from the market and offer them a competitive price. However, if you are unsure about what wheel fitment fits your vehicle then talk to one of our friendly staff on the phone line below.