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Buying rims Melbourne online from AutoCraze is easy our range of wheels is huge we have over 2000+ rims and over 4000+ tyres that are ready to be shipped out to Melbourne our wheel and tyre packages are easy to install as they have already been balanced and go on like replacing a spare wheel. Our fast and free shipping of rims Melbourne are simple and come with a tracking number so you have peace of mind knowing where you products are.



We have a huge range of rims from the leading manufacturers in the world like Work, BBS, Enkei, ADV1. We also have rims from Australian manufacturers like Speedy, OX, CSA and Simmons.

Simmons Wheels

Wheels of distinction


Simmons Wheels epitomises the Australian & American muscle look. With its distinct tough 5 spoke design, these Aussie wheels are sure to turn heads as you roll on by. Praised by classic car enthusiasts, you’ll recognise the Simmons aggressive maximum polished lip depth and hardy rivet style throughout. Having roots in Ford Falcon GT, Holden Torana & the exotic car scene, Simmons Wheels have earned the iconic status in Australia.


Constructed as a 1-piece wheel, the Simmons FR-1 Wheel has revolutionised the classic Simmons design and reinvented it for the modern ride to fit a wide variety of performance cars as well. Precise wheel assembly using an exacting process has enhanced the structural integrity of Simmons wheels ensuring that it not only looks tough, but is made tough.

Simmons wheels receive a unique serial number engraved for every product it produces to guarantee authenticity and quality assurance. At AutoCraze, you’ll be ensured to best prices on genuine Simmons Wheels with savings at up to 50% off on our rims and tyre packages. You’ll find finishes such as gloss black, gold, satin black, silver machined lip and white polish lip on our online store. If you’re looking for tough, aggressive Aussie Rims Melbourne, then Simmons alloy wheels is the perfect choice for you.



Technik aus dem Motorsport. Perfection of a piece.


Since its begining in 1970, BBS has been an innovator always at the forefront of of wheel technology with numerous patents to their name. They have become a dominanting force worldwide by setting the highest standards of quality!

Manufactured in Schiltach, Germany, And with over 35 years racing experience, with their wheels regularly featured in Formula 1 they definitely have the knowledge to back up their quality workmanship.


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