[00:00:11] All right guys, with this whole COVID situation, every business like us is some sort of suffering. A massive shout-out to all our customers who are coming through, helping us out. One thing we do ask, and we really, really appreciate this, if you guys can just hit the subscribe button for more videos. We are trying to gain more subscribers, and so we can keep giving you the best content you'll get, just hit the button. Doesn't cost you anything, doesn't hurt anyone, and I promise it is COVID-safe, so you're not going to get COVID if you hit the button here, so just hit it.


[00:00:49] Hey guys, just here today at SMB Transport, dropping off Ryan's Ranger. Come with me, guys. So we gave her the full AutoCraze treatment today. We did the WedgeTail platform just up here at the top, Bushranger lights, snorkel, lift, wheels, tires, grille, lights, color-coded Hamer bar. We're actually dropping off Ryan's Ranger today. We're picking up the Raptor X, got another big build guys, stay tuned. It's going to be a good one, let's go.

[00:01:18] Okay guys, we just picked up a Raptor. This is what I was talking about. All the way from the Gold Coast, just 60 Ks, transporting the truck. Taking it back to Silverwater HQ AutoCraze. We're going to get this done, let's go.


[00:01:32] All right guys, welcome back to AutoCraze. This is another video. This is a massive shout-out to my boy Jack up in Queensland. Gold Coast represent. We actually picked up his Raptor X. He bought her brand-new. It's in the Black Beast, the video of the Raptor we'd done with the new SLX Bar and the Elite wheels was on the lift here, the rollers and all that stuff there. So he wants to replicate that look, but he wants to get something a little bit different. So the car's already here, and it's boring that you see the whole video getting done and the build and this and that. So you've seen that many times, yeah? And now we've got the car here, we'll add a bit of extras to it.

[00:02:07] So what we've done is we've done the Hamer underbody armor. We've also done the smoke taillights, still the HSP roller shutter. We've got the car here. We added the platinum stainless steel snorkel that's gone through lockdown, we also got some headlights for you. Got the red eye, you've seen it in the 100k special.

[00:02:23] This one here is the new auto Nomad, from the Nomad range it's known as the Nomad Victim. They come in 17X9s, three different offsets, negative 12, 0, and a plus 12. I've got Joshy over there getting them fitted up right now with the Yokohama G003s. We've got the King Springs wrapped up in red, we also have to do the one and only T-Max E-Boards that come with the LED lights. 24-month warranty in there. Also, got a switch on the inside that you can turn on and off as you please. We've also done the LED light behind the grille. We've also finished up the grille with a bit of pinstripe in red, finished it up very, very nicely.

[00:02:58] If I keep getting subscribers, guys, I'll tell you guys for now, I'll keep fitting tires, I promise.


[00:04:37] Fuck! That isn't even close to what I thought it was, man, that's fucking sick.


[00:04:42] Brother.


[00:04:42] Man, you f*cking did it or what? Man, that doesn't even look real, boss.


[00:04:50] No, that's real, cuz. That's real, it's yours, bro.


[00:04:54] You fucking did it. Fuck, look how clean that fucking thing is, man.


[00:04:58] Brother, wait till it comes there. You were way too against it, bro.


[00:05:02] Dude, you're Mo, man. Listen, bro, if anybody, Mo, it's been my wife been nagging me about the fucking update, it's like, bro, leave it to Mo and the boys. And I'm telling you, we've watched just about every video, going back to where you guys started off, just about every customer's reaction. I'm like, bro... Man, that had... I got to see this for myself.

[00:05:33] Finally here. I'm telling you, it's finally here. Man, it's finally here man, fucking this wait man... I waited for it this week to get over from Sydney, and it's finally here. Man. Look at the Victims, man. Mo, you're right man, the Victims, how they sit offset to the truck, game over. You can't... Never seen anything like it, man.

[00:06:12] There you have it, guys. One of the best builds in AutoCraze. And I'm telling you, if you haven't been to AutoCraze, with your rig or your truck or whatever... If you ever want to be a part of the AutoCraze family, please take it to Mo down in AutoCraze. They've outdone themselves with this build and this is definitely one to remember, and this is probably the best build in Queensland that I've seen. And I'm grateful to be a part of this team here and what they do for truck lovers like me. And there you have it. The Raptor X. The big stallion. Bro.


Customer Travels 842KM to get AutoCrazed! An ex New South Welshman become Queenslander Jack Hea put his differences aside and decided to hit up the state he used to call home. If two grown men can put there differences aside and support a state from another state... then whats going on with our political leaders. Anyway enough of politics down to action.

Shipped brand new all the way from Gold Coast Queensland, travelling a staggering 842km from Queensland all the way down to Silverwater, Sydney. Jack has trusted us here at AutoCraze to Rig Up his brand-new Ford Ranger Raptor X.

After seeing our previous build, the “Black Beast Raptor” he knew exactly what he wanted but only much BIGGER! Adding a bit of flare Jack wanted something a bit different, he wanted to stand out.

He wanted a set of wheels that’s never been put on any other vehicle before. Introducing the brand-new Nomad Victim wheels, featuring a sleek multi-spoke design. Tough on the inside, stylish on the out. Sit back relax, and enjoy the whole process of us decking out this Red Stallion.

Red Stallion Ford Ranger Raptor Specs:

-Nomad Sabbath wheels

- A/T Tyres

- Nomad Sabbath Wheels

- Bull Bar

-Light Bar

- Snorkel

-Bash Plate


-Rear LED Tail Light