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At AutoCraze we've seen our fair share of Ox Wheels. Distributing across the world from America, South Africa and Australia, Ox wheels has definitely made it's mark on the automotive industry. With a range of wheels for passenger, SUV, and 4WD wheels, Ox Wheels has been delivering wheels for over a decade in Australia. Drawing inspiration from European and Exotic vehicles, Ox Wheels are all about bringing the style to the masses.


You can find any of these wheels and more on AutoCraze's online store by putting in your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size at the top of this page. Browse through over 740 Ox wheels products at up to 50% off. Sizes available range from 15", 16", 17", 18", 19" and 20". A huge range of wheel widths including 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 are also available for purchase to help fill out the guards and add that aggressive stance. Over 30 finishes are available at AutoCraze ranging from flat black, gun metal, gloss, silver, machined lip and so many more.


AutoCraze are the fitment specialist with over 30 years combined experience in the industry. Be confident that our wheel and tyre experts will ensure the perfect fitment according to your specifications. We do this by asking the right questions about your vehicle so that you are getting the right information, advice and recommendations. Enjoy free fitting and balancing for all our Ox wheel and tyre packages and free shipping Australia-wide*. Interest free finance is now available so you can buy now and pay later. For any inquiries about Ox wheels, don't hesitate to contact AutoCraze on 1800 099 634 and speak with our JDM, Euro and 4WD specialists today!
We'll be reviewing three of our most popular Ox wheels sellers with a quickie review on each. So let's find out how Ox Wheels stacks up!



Available in:

Sizes 18" | 19" | 20"
Available wheel widths: 8 | 8.5
Finishes: Matte Black | Gloss Black | Champagne Machined Face | Silver | Hyper Silver | Black Machined Face | Full Polish White
Suitable for: Audi TT, Subaru WRX, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf, Holden Commodore, Mazda MX-5, Range Rover Evoque and many more!


The best selling Ox wheel is also the most versatile one. Suited for luxury, performance and SUV vehicles, the OX111 are instant classics. Reminiscent of European luxury wheels, the OX111 definitely stands the test of time. Nothing says classic like the subtle concave and the split spoke design.

A perfect combination of simple yet effective design, this has come up to be a crowd pleaser.  Screaming luxury, simple and refined, the OX111 are an absolute beast of design perfect for that daily. The finish on these wheels are also great with that gloss and matte colours on point.

From Holden Commodore's, Lexus IS250's and even Range Rover Evoque's, the application of these wheels are endless.The OX111 takes the cake for being the perfect all rounder wheel in terms of fitment range and style.



Available in:

Sizes 17" | 18"
Available wheel widths: 8 | 9
Finishes: Black Machined Face | Black Machined Lip | Gold Polish Lip | Silver Machined Lip
Suitable for: BMW E36, Honda Civic, Honda Integra, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf and more!ox_wheels_AutoCrazeox_wheels_AutoCrazeox_wheels_AutoCraze

Designed more to the JDM market, the OX3001 was inspired by old school tuners and Euro's. The gold mesh design are iconic and are definite head turners. The gold rivets around add a little more unique contrast to the polish lip. Speaking of the lip, the polish finish stands out, with a semi reflective surface. The gold colour on the spokes come out more of a satin finish to help add that flash but not too flash design. If you're thinking to yourself that's too much bling, there are a huge range of finishes and colours to keep it more grounded.

Add a stretch fitment and coilovers, and you have a prime example of an old school warrior. OX3001 are perfect for that old school swag and adds big boss points for that stand out look. Not for the faint hearted these wheels are chock full of features.


Available in:

Sizes 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"
Available wheel widths: 7 | 7.5 | 8 | 8.5
Finishes: Black Machined Lip | Brilliant Silver | Flat Black | Gun Metal Machined Lip
Suitable for: Mazda MX-5, Toyota 86, Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore, Toyota Corolla and more!


The OX631 are for our fellow dish lovers. The reverse concave split spoke design curves outward from the central hub. The raw rivets surrounding the inner lip gives that aggressive look. The machined lip is a nice touch to add a little depth and substance to this wheel. The tapered split spoke protruding from the central hub are definitely more unique. More cuts, lines and depth adds a lot of toughness to this small wheel. The finish also deserves a mention for it's beautifully satin colour that really pops.

Beautifully suited to the small body form of the Mazda MX-5, this wheel is an absolute stunner.



Available in:

Sizes : 18" | 19" | 20"
Available wheel widths: 8 | 8.5
Finishes: Black Diamond Cut | Black Machined Face | Matte Black
Suitable for: Nissan 350Z, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Holden, Fords and many more!


The reason OX111's gets an honorable mention is because it's fantastic big brake clearance. Not only that the multi-spoke straight design simple yet elegant, but it also has that beautiful concave that adds dimension over a flat face wheel. This one is one Ox wheels must haves.



Time and time again, our customers have always asked for an option for wheels and tyres that will remain classic however is kind to your wallet. For the amount of value you get packed in an Ox wheel you won't find much better in this class.The range of wheels and tyres are reminiscent of timeless classics that suit for any form factors from luxury Euro's to JDM tuners.

Ox wheels weren't designed for the track. If you're looking for high performance light weight track wheels, there are plenty of other options out there. Ox wheels are made in Taiwan to help reduce the cost of the wheels but to balance this Ox wheels manufacture their wheels to comply with VIA, JWL and TUV manufacturing standards. This means you're still getting quality strong wheels for regular use and guaranteed to last. The finishes are still top notch that are perfect for the elements of regular highway driving.

So who are they for? Bringing style to the masses, Ox wheels are ideal for the everyday daily car who are looking for style. Aggressive fitments paired with a great set of tyres can make a world of difference to a ride. No nonsense, no fuss, it's all about bringing premium style at an affordable price. Buying wheels is all about understanding your budget, how you drive and how you want it to look. And Ox wheels are definite contender for this price range. With a little more money in the pocket you can add it to other upgrades like a high performance tyre or a set of coilovers to get it to the next level of customisation, performance, and style.

â–ş Where can you buy Ox wheels?

You've come to the right place! You can find all the latest Ox wheels and a huge range of over 5000 other wheel products on our online store. Wheels and tyres are not easy. Understanding offsets, PCD and other fitment variables can be a nightmare. We specialise in wheels and tyres meaning you're guaranteed to get the best service for your vehicle and having it sit exactly the way you want without issues. Call 1800 099 634 today!

Here's what our recent AutoCraze customers are saying about their new builds:
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With over 5000 wheels and over 3000 tyres, our range of wheels and tyres are the biggest in Australia. These include industry leading brands to accommodate all types of budgets and all vehicles. With such a huge range, you’ll find a style that suits your tastes including dish, concave, thick spoke, thin spokes and hundreds of colour to choose from.

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Regardless if you buy online or in store, our fitment guarantee assures that your wheel and tyres will fit your vehicle properly. Our comprehensive database of wheels and tyres online make buying wheels and tyres easy. All you have to do is select your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size, and all the wheels and tyres you see are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

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With over 30 years combined experience in the wheel and tyre industry, our in-house experts really know their stuff. We ask the right questions that others won’t, to provide the perfect fitment that comply with all Australian standards according to your specifications guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email (customerservice@autocraze.com.au) or over the phone (1800 099 634) for solutions, options and the best recommendations for your vehicle

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For all our wheels and tyre packages, you can have peace of mind of not worrying about the additional costs of fitting. We make installing your wheel and tyre packages easy. For extra convenience, we can deliver straight to your door. All you have to do is jack up your vehicle and you can install our wheel and tyre package straight onto your car like changing a spare tyre. We also provide a free installation kit which includes wheel nuts and hub rings to save you the additional cost.

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AutoCraze ensures that all our customers are protected with secure payments. With fast, easy and secure payments with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Geotrust, E-way and Zipmoney we ensure your information is safe.

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Interest Free Finance is now available at AutoCraze meaning you can buy now and pay later. Take advantage of our sales today! No credit cards. No deposits. Secure. Be approved within 3 minutes! 


Load rating is vital to a vehicles safety. We guarantee that all our retail and online purchases are load rated and comply with Australian standards*. This means you can feel confident that you are getting quality products that are safe for your vehicle. For information click here.

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Save even more when you buy anything on our online store or over the phone with free shipping Australia-wide* (t&c’s apply). All wheels and tyres are packaged by our quality assurance team who lovingly package your products so you don’t have to worry about damage and that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives.


AutoCraze is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Regardless of where you are in Australia, we will have a fitting and balancing partner near you to have the added convenience of local fitting.

In keeping with the times, we know how important it is to you to have the proper tyre pressure sensors fitted onto your new tyres. No matter what vehicle you have and if you purchased online or in-store, upon request, we can provide for you genuine tyre pressure sensors.



AutoCraze and ZipMoney have teamed up to now offer 6 months interest free finance on all our products including wheels, tyres and wheel & tyre packages.

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