Nissan Patrol Wheels


Buy quality Nissan Patrol wheels at AutoCraze. Stocked with the largest range of the toughest Nissan Patrol Alloy rims and tyres for sale in the market. Over 6000 Nissan Patrol wheels to choose from big brands such as Fuel, KMC, Tuff, Grid, Moto-Metal, Black Rhino, and much more. With over 50 different finishes for you to choose from including matte black, gloss black, chrome, silver, and more. AutoCraze stocks a wide variety of Nissan Patrol wheels in the sizes of 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ and 22″ for those that want to go even bigger with their wheels.

We all know that the Nissan Patrol is one powerful beast, rocking an enormous 5.6 litre V8 engine. Being one of the most powerful engines in its class, while also boasting remarkable fuel efficiency. Making even the most unwelcoming terrains tamable. With the latest range of Nissan Patrols coming out, a massive boost of innovative technology is sure to come with it.

Both the Nissan Patrol Ti and Ti-L models come with a state of the art hydraulic motion control suspension system. Allowing the body of the newer Nissan Patrols to act as both shock absorbers and stabilisers. This technology allows your Nissan Patrol to stay on ground, even when you’ve just ripped it on off-road terrains.


Pair your Nissan Patrol wheels with a set of quality tyres from big brands such as BF Goodrich, Nitto, Wellington, Dunlop, Pirelli, and many more. Stocked with tyres to suit all types of needs and performances. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high way driver, street racer, or your weekly off-roader. AutoCraze has the tyres for you with over 3000 tyres to choose from.


4WD Accessories | Nissan Patrol Wheels

Deck out your Nissan Patrol wheels with the largest range of 4WD accessories at AutoCraze. Customise your ride today with Nissan Patrol 4WD accessories such as flares, weather shields, electronic side steps, grilles, tails light, and many more. Decking out your pride and joy into the beast you’ve always wanted it to be.

When it comes to doing up your pride and joy, it’s all about the little details that truly differentiates your ride from the rest of the crowd out there on the streets or on the off-road tracks. No one wants to blend in and look like everybody else, so why should you, when you can deck it out with a full set of wheels, tyres, and accessories from one convenient location.

That’s not all we have when it comes to our 4wd accessories, AutoCraze also has a wide range of Nissan Patrol 4×4 suspension available from big brand names including EFS, Bilstein, Fox, Tough Dog, Dobinsons, and our very own AutoCraze lift kit which comprises of the best components from king springs, tough dog and super pro. Engineered and optimised to tackle the harshest conditions to help you tackle anything and everything.

Not only will a lift kit on your Nissan Patrol wheels make it look much more tougher and badass by making it higher. It’ll also allow you to go bigger with your wheels and tyres. Which means you’ll be able to get bigger tyres, which in turn equals more traction on off-road terrains. Giving you more grip when ripping it through slippery off-road terrains such as mud, sand, and rock.

Another benefit of getting a lift kit to your Nissan Patrol Alloy rims and tyres is that it’ll give you more clearance off the ground. Keeping all the important components of the vehicle higher off the ground to avoid any damages it may get from stray rocks and sticks, that could potentially damage your vehicle.



Nissan Patrol Wheels done at AutoCraze

►Fuel Maverick




Wheels: Fuel Maverick
Finishes Available: Black Machined Face | Matte Gun Metal | Chrome | Gloss Black Milled Accents | Powder Chrome
Sizes Available: 17″ | 18″ | 20″ | 22″
Wheels Width: 8.5″ | 9″ | 9.5″

The Nissan Patrol was made for work and this one was no different. Going with 20″ Fuel Maverick wheels in a gloss black with milled accent finish toughen the rig. The thick lip, deep dish and tapered multi-spoke is the perfect combination for this 4X4.

Absolutely crushing off-road, this customer chose Nitto Trail Grapplers. These muddies blends form and function perfectly with aggressive tread, off-road performance and on-road comfort. A 3-ply sidewall and thick rubber construction makes it one of the best M/T tyres available.

► Tuff T05



Wheels: Tuff T05
Finishes Available: Satin Black | Satin Black Machined Face | Satin Black Machined Lip
Sizes Available: 16″ | 17″  
Wheels Width: 8″ | 9″

Why buy Nissan Patrol Wheels at AutoCraze

AutoCraze has over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. With in-house experts that’ll be able to help you with any problems or questions you may have about your Nissan Patrol wheels and tyres for sale. All you have to do is put in your make, model, size, and we’ll give you a whole list of wheels to drool over from the biggest brands at the best prices.

Once you have chosen your desired Nissan Patrol wheels, one of our in-house specialist will look over your order to ensure that your wheels will fit the way you want them to be with our 100% fitment guarantee. All Nissan Patrol wheels at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with Australian standards.

12 Months Interest Free Finance Available – Buy now, Pay Later. Transform your Nissan Patrol today without having to pay interest for 12 months.

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