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Nissan Navara Accessories | Navara Aftermarket Accessories

Nissan Navara KMC Rockstar 2 Wheels Nitto Tyres Lift Kit Front Close Shot March 2018

Nissan Navara Accessories have become increasingly popular and more requested due to the success of the latest generation of the Nissan Navara. Nissan have used high quality components to construct the latest Navara, so good the Mercedes X-Class uses the same chassis as the Navara.

AutoCraze has supplied and fitted hundreds of Navara Accessories and have made huge builds for the Nissan Navara and its competitors. We fully understand the market and the capability of the vehicle which means we can always provide you with the latest and most innovative 4X4 features.

Nissan Navara Asanti AB811 Custom Red Wheels Toyo Tyres Front Close Shot July 2018

30 years of combined experience shows why AutoCraze is the only stop to upgrade 4X4’s and Utes as we specialise in the fitment of the biggest range of 4X4 accessories with Wheels, Bumpers, Canopies, Bull bars, Headlights and much more.

OEM standard products and original manufacturer quality finishes is something we inspect very closely to ensure our customers receive the best products which we guarantee expert fitment upon. AutoCraze supplies Navara Canopies from several brands to fit most generations of the Navara.  Our Ute canopy range is huge as customers can specify different options as we treat each customer individually and cater for their needs.

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Nissan Navara Canopies can range in several finishes and colours; however, we always ensure the finish is up to OEM standard and blends in perfectly. We pride ourselves on fitment and finish which is why we have such a keen eye for detail. Unobtrusive real spoilers can be fitted to provide extra downforce on the rear wheels, meaning your vehicle has enough traction in the area most of the load is being carried.

Rotary and flap air vents are options that can be fitted to a Nissan Navara Canopy to provide added ventilation depending on the requirement of the owner. Tradesmen with corrosive chemicals and compounds choose the rotary vent or the large lift-up windows with twin locking for added air circulation and air flow. Twin locking and tinted safety glass can also be chosen for added security and privacy.

The interior of the Ute Canopy is open to customisation based on owner preference as AutoCraze can supply and fit high-quality linings and other features for the Nissan Navara Canopy. Depending on trade, we have had requests such as extra waterproofing, padding and chemical resistant materials to line the interior of the Ute Canopy. Generally, Vinyl, Felt and Carpet are used, however AutoCraze works closely with the customer to upgrade the vehicle in a way they will utilise every feature.

Nissan Navara Asanti AB811 Custom Red Wheels Toyo Tyres Front Fitment Close Up Shot Gallery July 2018

The Latest Nissan Navara Wheels can be found at AutoCraze. We stock the newest, strongest and most stylish wheels to suit the Nissan Navara. We have over 5000 different wheel and tyre combinations from Industry leading brands, such as Tuff, Black Rhino, KMC, Asanti, Rotiform and so many more.

We have Nissan Navara Wheels to suit whichever look the owner is looking for as we have finishes in Chrome, Matte Black, Machine Faced, Anthracite, Gold and customer’s can even customise the wheels to their preference.

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Our Nissan Navara Wheels range is sizes between 16”-22” and our award-winning customer-service team make sure you know exactly how the wheels will fit on the vehicle immediately as we have decades of Wheel Fitment experience.

Customer's frequently stop by AutoCraze to explain their vision, how they want the vehicle to look and what they use it for. We are always more than happy to help and suggest improvements and suggestions that will transform the vehicle, no matter how small or big the build.