New Ford Focus

We love it when car manufacturers under-promise and over-deliver and the new Ford Focus set to arrive in Quarter 1 2016 will certainly be a game changer. The new hot hatch will boast 257kW with a very appealing price tag in the region of $50,000.

Ford have also confirmed 325 lb-ft of torque between 2000 and 4500RPM, and an “overboost” function that will boost this figure to 347 lb-ft for up to 15 seconds on wide open throttle. Again, significantly more than the STI (290 lb-ft) and the Golf R (280 lb-ft).

Excitingly, the new RS will feature a six speed manual gearbox with clutch packs on both rear half-shafts for dynamic torque vectoring, meaning you can keep your foot planted and the car will maximise the amount of power delivered to the road whilst maintaining traction. Up to 70% of the available torque can be delivered to the rear wheels, and up to 100% of that amount can be directed to the outside rear wheel which should make high speed cornering much easier. The car will also features several chassis modes, including a “Drift Mode”. Fun!

If this teaser video is anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute hoot to drive!


It’s also worth noting that the hot hatch also outperforms its Mustang counterpart, which features the same power-plant, but makes 310 bhp and 320 lp-ft of torque. Ford confirms this is due to the use of a larger turbocharger, larger intercooler, a better flowing intake and a larger exhaust system, all of which help get the engine breathing better. The head also utilises a different type of aluminium which allows it to tolerate higher temperatures, there’s a bigger radiator, and the cylinders use cast iron liners for added strength.


We can’t wait for the opportunity to drive one of these cars, and have every confidence they will be massively popular when they are released in 2016. But for now, we’re just looking forward to seeing Ken Block’s run up the mountain at Goodwood Festval of Speed!

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