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Mercedes X Class Lift Kits


Buy Mercedes X Class lift kits at AutoCraze and give it a tougher and meaner look. AutoCraze stocks some of the biggest 4x4 suspension name brands including Dobinsons, Tough Dog, EFS, Fox, and our very own AutoCraze lift kit. Many of the tough 4WD you see out there on the roads with their massive Mercedes X250d wheels and tyres wouldn't be possible without a lift kit.

One of the main reasons why people get a 4WD is mostly to go off-road. But to truly appreciate the art of going off-road, you have to lift your Mercedes X Class. 4WD's are naturally built tough, being able to handle almost everything you throw at it. However, there are those who want to push their Mercedes X250d to the absolute limit for work or for recreational purposes such as off-roading.

You could say that the suspension of your vehicle is the most abused area of any 4x4 vehicle out there. Going under tremendous stress, being pushed to the absolute limit on work sites or smashing it off-road on uneven terrains at high speeds.


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When you upgrade your Mercedes X Class with a Mercedes X250d suspension at AutoCraze. You're technically beefing up your vehicle by toughening up every key component of your 4WD. Not only are you making your Mercedes X class stronger but you're also making your ride height higher. Giving you benefits such as higher clearance off the ground, allowing you to go bigger with your Mercedes X Class wheels and tyres.

Mercedes X Class KMC Slide Wheels Continental Tyres Lift Kit Rear Fitment Close Up Shot May 2018

Why buy Mercedes X Class Lift Kits?

Buying a lift kit for your Mercedes X Class is more than adding a bit of extra height to it. It's about giving it a tougher and more rigid system for when you're pushing your ride off-road. There's a few reasons on why you would want to buy a Mercedes X Class lift kit. These include;

More Clearance?
One of the first reasons for why you would want to buy a Mercedes X Class lift kits is getting more clearance off the ground. This equates to a better off-roading experience, lifting your ride higher off the ground. Keeping its critical components away from the ground. Allowing you to smash it off-road without having to worry about damaging your vehicle against any unexpected debris, rocks, and stray sticks.

Bigger wheels and tyres?
Getting more clearance off the ground means that you can go bigger with your wheels and tyres. With bigger Mercedes X250d rims and tyres means that you'll get more traction, allowing you to go off-road without having to worry about getting stuck in any sticky terrains again.

Look Tougher?
Adding height to your Mercedes X Class means that you'll be able to put on beefier Mercedes X class wheels and tyres.

Mercedes X Class KMC Slide Wheels Continental Tyres Lift Kit Suspension Close Up Shot May 2018

Key components of a Mercedes X Class Lift Kit

Generally, all Mercedes X Class lift kits are designed to either improve or completely change your Mercedes X250d suspension. That means that they'll contain a few key components in order to make up the core parts of the Mercedes X250d 4x4 suspension.

There include:

  • Shocks - The shocks are considered one of the most important components of your lift kit. It ensures that your 4WD is kept relatively comfortable and smooth. Many Mercedes X Class lift kits replace their stock shock absorbers with more high pressure, a high-temperature replacement that is mostly used for either heavy-duty use or off-road driving.
  • Springs¬†- What comes next is the springs. Working in conjunction¬†with the shock absorbers to help absorb energy that's generated when going over humps and bumps. When you're getting a lift kit you generally raise the height of your vehicle. Raised springs are generally what is required to do so in a safe manner. For more load-based lift kits, firmer and heavy duty springs or leaf springs are required to be installed at the rear to provide additional support when towing.
  • Bushes - All Mercedes X class lift kits systems have a number of bushes that help separate the moving parts of your vehicle. Generally, Mercedes X250d suspension systems have tougher, high-performance bushings that perform better at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Shackles & Bolts -¬†The shackles & bolts is what ties the whole lift kit together. These, including the U-bolts of your stock suspension, are replaced where necessary as part of the lift. Giving you extra reinforcement and greater stability.

Mercedes X Class KMC Slide Wheels Continental Tyres Lift Kit Rear Close Up Shot May 2018

What does a Mercedes X Class suspension lift kit do?

  1. Clearance - One of the main reasons why people get a Mercedes X Class suspension lift kit done is to raise the height of their vehicle. This enables steeper ascent or descent when you're smashing it off-road with your Mercedes X class. In general, it makes sense to get a lift kit if you're planning to go off-road. Especially if you're driving over boulders, smashing it through mud, or even crossing the desert.
  2. Larger tyre fitments - Generally larger tires give you more traction, as well as giving your 4WD higher clearance for improved performance off-road.

Mercedes X Class Alloy Wheel & Tyres

Mercedes X Class X250D with KMC Addict Wheels and Falken Tyres Front Bridge Shot

Wheels: KMC Addict
Finishes Available: Matte Black | Matte Black Machined Face
Sizes Available: 17″ | 18″ | 20″

You're lifting your Mercedes x class but don't know what to do next. Why not choose a set of tough Mercedes X class wheels and tyres. AutoCraze stocks over 6000 4x4 wheels from the biggest named brands such as Fuel, Grid, Rotiform, KMC, Tuff, Hostile, and loads more. With wheels ranging from 17", 18", 20", and 22" sizes and over 50 different finishes including matte black, chrome, machined face, dark tint, and more.

Mercedes X Class X250d with KMC Addict wheels and Falken Tyres rear shot

AutoCraze has over 3000 tyres to choose from to suit all types of performances and needs. Whether you need tyres for the highway or to go off-road, AutoCraze has it all from budget to premium tyres from brands such as Nitto, BF Goodrich, Toyo, Kumho, Pirelli, and more. Save even more with AutoCraze when you purchase a Mercedes X Class wheel and tyre package with free fitting and balancing.

Mercedes X Class X250d with KMC Addict wheels and Falken Tyres rear fitment shot


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