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Mazda BT50 Lift Kit

Mazda BT-50 Accessories Moto Metal MO985 Wheels Front Far Shot February 2018

Do you want to take your Mazda BT50 to the next level? then a lift kit from AutoCraze is just what you need. Don't wait any longer to get your Mazda BT50 lift kit. AutoCraze has in-house suspension specialist with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry.

Using only high-quality lift kit brands such as Dobinsons, Tough Dog, Bilstein, Fox and our very own AutoCraze lift kit which has been designed and tested in Australia.

If you're unsure about what lift kit you need for your Mazda BT50, whether it's to increase your load rating, increase performance or just to beef up the look of your Mazda BT50. Give us a call at 1800 099 634 and our 4WD specialist will be able to recommend something for you.

Check out the range of lift kits available at AutoCraze.

FAQ - Mazda BT50 Lift Kit

Why should I get a Mazda BT50 lift kit?

One of the main reasons to get a lift kit is to increase its off-road performance. Allowing it to withstand stronger impacts, higher lift off the ground to avoid any damage.

How much does a Mazda BT-50 lift kit cost?

A Mazda BT-50 lift kit at AutoCraze start from $995* 

What Mazda BT50 lift kits do you stock?

AutoCraze have lift kit brands such as Dobinsons, Tough Dog, Bilstein, Fox, EFS and our very own AutoCraze lift kit.

What are the benefits of getting a Mazda BT50 lift kit?

The main benefits of getting a lift kit include more clearance from the ground. More freedom to go bigger with your wheels and tyres and of course increase performance whether it's to carry more load rating or to withstand stronger impacts when you're smashing it off-road.

What does a lift kit typically consist of?

A lift kit will consist of shocks, springs, bushes, shackles and bolts.

  • Shocks - The shock absorbers are the most important part of your lift kit. Ensuring that your ride is kept relatively smooth and comfortable.
  • Springs - The springs will work together with your shock absorbers in order to withstand impacts that are generated when going over bumps.
  • Bushes -  Your suspension kit will have a number of bushes that'll separate the moving parts of your vehicle, reducing abrasion between them and help absorb the shocks that would otherwise be directed to your delicate parts of your engine.
  • Shackles & bolts - The shackles and bolts will put your lift kit together in your lift kit setup.

Mazda BT50 Lift Kit Brands

AutoCraze Lift Kit Suspension

Showcase AutoCraze Lift Kit Components

AutoCraze has collaborated with top suspension experts to create the ultimate AutoCraze lift kit. Tested in the harshest Australian conditions to give users both the flexibility of on-road softness for comfortability and off-road ruggedness for performance.

Designed with the top suspension experts to produce the perfect Australian lift kit. Using technologies from all the top brands including Tough Dog, King Springs and Super Pro.

Years of research and development have been put into developing the AutoCraze lift kit. Engineered for a comfortable ride for on-road use and tough performance off-road. Made to give you the perfect balance.

Find out more about the AutoCraze lift kit.

Mazda BT50 Dhole Black Wheels 2White Mazda BT50 fitted with an 2" AutoCraze lift kit.

Dobinsons 4x4 Suspension

Showcase Dobinsons spring suspension components

Established in 1953, Dobinsons have become a household name within Australia. Dobinsons pride themselves as one of the biggest 4x4 springs and suspension manufacturers.

The success of Dobinsons comes from years of providing high-quality products and acquiring knowledge over the years to create one of the best 4x4 lift kits in the market.

Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Showcase 4x4 suspension Tough Dog Lift Kit Components

Tough Dog has been making its rounds since 1984, and have exploded in the 4WD market as a result of their excellent reputation of designing quality products.

In today's market, Tough Dog is one of the most sought after lift kit around the world. Distributing their products across 28 different countries.

Their products are tested and designed in the harshest conditions in Australia. Making their lift kits one of the toughest in the market.

Mazda BT50 Fuel Rebels MatteBlack Wheels Snorkel Flares Slx Bar Front Close Up Shot Gallery March 2019Mazda BT50 fitted with a Tough Dog lift kit.

Bilstein Suspension

Showcase Ford Ranger Bilstein Lift Kit Components

First launched in 1954, Bilstein has revolutionised the damping technology and has always been recognised for its top quality and high performance products. Sponsoring many major automotive events in the automobile industry.

For more than 50 years Bilstein has been developing products to be used in motorsport racing. Ranging from off-road racing to rally world championships. Bilstein is a brand that intends to lead the field.Mazda Bt 50 Fuel Vector Matte Black Wheels Autocraze Snorkel E-board Xls Bar Front Close Up Shot Gallery Jan 2019Grey Mazda BT50 fitted with a Bilstein lift kit.

Are you looking to lift your Mazda BT-50 but don't know where to start? AutoCraze is your one-stop 4x4 shop with in-house suspension specialist who has over 30 years of combined experience. Using only the highest quality named brands in the market including Dobinsons, Tough Dog, EFS, Fox & our very own AutoCraze lift kit.