Lumarai Wheels

Lexus IS Model - Lumarai Lexus Morro wheels

Lumarai wheels, perfect for any Lexus vehicles looking to change up their wheels from their boring OEM wheels to a set of high-quality aftermarket rims. They’re made to perfectly suit only Lexus vehicles, making it an exclusive brand specifically for Lexus users only.

Their wheel sizes come in a variety of fitments to suit all types of styles and looks. With wheel sizes in 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″ diameter sizes and high-quality finishes including chrome, silver with mirror cut face, gloss black and loads more.

The best part about the Lumarai wheels is that it’ll accept OEM wheel lugs and ORM Lexus TPMS but that’s not all they’re also perfect for Lexus offsets and are hub centric for a smooth and comfortable ride.

If you’re looking to get a set of Lumarai wheels for your Lexus, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1800 099 634 and one of our fitment specialists will help you choose the right size and offset to get the look you want with your Lumarai Lexus wheels.

Why Lumarai wheels are the best choice for your Lexus

Lexus vehicles today come with a precise and very sensitive suspension making it very important that any aftermarket wheel you put on your Lexus is hub-centric. Which is perfect because Lumarai wheels are designed and engineered to be perfectly hub-centric to suit Lexus vehicles.

Another issue with changing your Lexus wheels is that all new Lexus vehicles come with air sensors, designed to accept the O.E Lexus air sensor wheels. Lexus wheels use flat seat wheel nuts, which there are almost zero aftermarket wheels that would work with flat seat wheel nuts. However, Lumarai wheels do, which make it the perfect aftermarket wheel to suit your Lexus vehicle.

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FAQ – Lumarai Wheels 

What vehicles do Lumarai wheels fit?

Lumarai wheels are specifically designed to suit Lexus vehicles. They’re carefully designed and engineered to suit Lexus vehicles.

How much are Lumarai wheels?

Lumarai wheels can range from anywhere between $199 to $299 per wheel depending on size, finish etc.

Are Lumarai wheels load rated to suit Lexus vehicles?

Yes, Lumarai wheels are load rated to suit all Lexus vehicles. If you’re unsure about sizes and offsets, give us a call at 1800 099 634 to speak with our fitment specialist.


Lumarai, the perfect fit for Lexus vehicles. Lumarai wheel is a brand born out of necessity. Aftermarket Lexus wheels that fit correctly on a Lexus is a rarity. Since Lumarai wheels are created with the sole purpose of fitting perfectly on Lexus, they fill the void. 

Lumarai Morro Wheels

The Lumarai Morro wheels are designed to suit most Lexus IS models. Featuring a clean and simple 5 spoke design with a wide range of finishes including chrome, gloss black and silver. Just look at some of the Lumarai Morro wheels on some of the Lexus IS models below.

Lexus ES Model - Lumarai Lexus Morro wheels

Lexus IS fitted with a set of Lamarai Morro wheels in a chrome finish.

Lexus IS Model - Lumarai Lexus Morro wheels

Lexus IS fitted with a set of Lumarai Morro wheels in a silver with mirror cut face and lip finish.

Wheels: Lumarai Morro
Finishes Available: Gloss Black with Mirror Lip | Chrome | Silver with Mirror Cut Face and Lip
Sizes Available: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″

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If you’re looking for a set of Lumarai wheels in Australia then you’ve come to the right place. AutoCraze is your automotive expert with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry with an in-house specialist who’ll ensure that your chosen Lumarai wheels will suit your Lexus vehicle with no issues.

All Lumarai wheels sold at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with Australian standards.