Land Cruiser Roof Rack

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Never struggle with your equipment ever again, especially if you’re planning to go on a family trip or just going off-road. AutoCraze has a wide range of Land Cruiser roof rack for sale available from some of the biggest 4WD accessory brands in the market.

Getting a Toyota Land Cruiser roof rack is a must have especially if you’re planning to go off-road or on long trips with a lot of luggage that just won’t fit in the back of your vehicle. Typically, people get a roof rack for Land Cruiser to help place lightweight and even bulky items that won’t fit in the back of your vehicle.

Rhino-Rack Roof Racks

Creating world renown roof racks since 1992, Rhino-Rack is proud to be one of Australia’s most diverse and creative range of roof racks in the market.

Rhino-Rack is all about diversity, having the largest range of roof racks for all types of users whether you’re a tradie, sportsmen or just an off-road fanatic. Rhino-Rack has a roof rack that’ll suit your needs with some of the highest quality products on the market.

Showcase Rhino Rack Land Cruiser Roof Rack

Rhino-Racks are known for being built using premium quality products. Not only are the Rhino-Racks available for the Land Cruiser but also a wide range of other vehicles, whether it’s guttered or gutterless.

If you’re worried that your Rhino-Racks won’t survive the harshest Australian conditions then fear not. Rhino-Racks are ideal for any condition, having gone through rigorous testing, ensuring that they’ll exceed all your expectations.

FAQ – Land Cruiser Roof Rack

About Roof Racks

Did you know that all Roof Racks come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s important to select a roof rack that suits your load carrying needs. When deciding on which roof rack you want for your vehicle. You need to take into consideration what you’ll be carrying on it such as a Kayak, Skis, Roof boxes, or even bikes.

If you’re planning to carry heavy gear such as ladders, timber, or even conduits for construction sites. Then a heavy-duty roof rack should be considered. Most heavy-duty roof racks are designed to cater to tradies and hardcore 4WD enthusiasts.

Things to consider before buying your Toyota Land Cruiser roof rack

The first question you need to consider before buying your Land Cruiser roof rack is “what are you going to use it for?”. Whether you’re using your roof rack for your bike, kayak, cargo box, or something totally different. All roof racks are designed for different uses.

Another important thing to take note before buying your Land Cruiser roof rack is the load carrying capacity of your vehicle’s roof. An important thing to remember is that there are several types of load rating that your vehicle will have depending on when it’s stationary, moving, or even when it’s off-road.

This is very important to take into consideration when buying your roof rack. As you want to consider buying a certain roof rack for specific conditions. It’s also important that when you’re buying your Land Cruiser roof rack that you consider the bar length, width and the load you’re planning to carry.

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ARB 4X4 Accessories

ARB 4×4 accessories originated in 1975 has become one of the biggest distributors of 4×4 accessories in Australia today. Creating a huge presence in both the Australia 4WD scene, ARB 4×4 accessories have been able to build a worldwide name with an international presence in the USA, Europe and in the Middle East.

Getting a roof rack is a valuable 4×4 accessory that anyone can install on their Land Cruiser. It’s useful in putting bulky and massive items that are hard to fit in the cabin on the vehicle.

ARB 4×4 accessories offer a wide range of different Land Cruiser roof racks in both steel and aluminium to give your Land Cruiser more space and convenience.

ARB Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Roof Rack

ARB 4×4 Accessories Deluxe Roof Rack on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

The deluxe roof rack is engineered and designed to support the full load rating of your Land Cruiser. One of the main benefits of the ARB deluxe roof rack is that it provides convenient storage space for all your lightweight and bulky items and equipment. The ARB deluxe roof rack is designed and tested to handle extreme off-road use.