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Konig Wheels




K├Ânig Wheels has garnered a reputation in the automotive sector for providing superior quality wheels suitable for an assortment of vehicles. With a foundation sprawling over three decades, this esteemed brand has been instrumental in elevating both the performance and aesthetics of automobiles through their meticulously designed products.

Selecting the Ideal K├Ânig Wheel for Your Vehicle


Consumers seeking to amplify their vehicle's drive and style will find a reliable ally in K├Ânig Wheels. These products come in an extensive range of designs, catering from timeless to contemporary and sporty tastes, each wheel exhibiting impeccable craftsmanship. Choices extend to various finishes; whether the allure of gloss black or matte black draws one in, or the distinctiveness of bronze or silver appeals, customization is plentiful. The brand's commitment to versatility also shines through in their available wheel options, from the bold Hypergram to the sleek Ampliform, and the elegant Dekagram.


The Konig Hypergram model with dimensions of 18 inches by 8.5 inches is recognized for its lightweight construction. The exact weight varies with specifications but is typically on the lighter end of the spectrum for aftermarket performance wheels.

Konig produces a range of wheels that accommodate four-lug configurations. The variety of designs and sizes ensures compatibility with a diverse selection of vehicles that require four-lug patterns.

Quality Perception of Konig Wheels Among Experts


Experts in the automotive industry frequently regard Konig wheels as high-quality due to their:

  • Advanced manufacturing processes
  • Rigorous testing standards
  • Commitment to material excellence

K├Ânig Wheels: Quality Meets Design


The strength and lightness of a wheel are paramount, and K├Ânig Wheels addresses this need through its innovative flow forming technology. By using high pressure to shape the wheel during the manufacturing process, materials like aluminum achieve higher tensile strength compared to regular cast wheels. This gives rise to wheels that are not only lightweight but possess enhanced shock resistance and increased load capacity. It's a perfect amalgamation of endurance and efficiency for both driving enthusiasts and casual motorists.

Customization and Fitment

With K├Ânig's variety of diameters, widths, stud patterns (PCD), and offsets, finding wheels that fit your vehicle is straightforward and precise. Prospective buyers can revel in the customization possibilities, choosing the right wheel to accommodate their car's needs and personal style. Whether it's the sophisticated touch of gloss bronze, striking matte black, or the exclusive matte grey, or race bronze options, acquiring a set of K├Ânig wheels is a step towards distinguished vehicle customization.

Accessibility and Service

For those located in Australia, K├Ânig Wheels' presence is strong, with dedicated local stores offering expert services such as wheel alignment and fitting, ensuring your new wheels are seamlessly integrated with your vehicle. K├Ânig's affiliation with quality tyre brands like Goodyear and Bridgestone further underscores their commitment to total automotive excellence. Those in Victoria or Western Australia have immediate access to specialized services, including consultations for optimal wheel selection at competitive costs.

AutoCraze: Your Gateway to K├Ânig Wheels

At AutoCraze, the breadth of K├Ânig's offerings is on full display, ready for customers to explore and discover the perfect wheel upgrade. The brand's ethos of customer satisfaction is reflected in the attentive service provided, ensuring a smooth shopping experience from selection to checkout. For those ready to elevate their vehicle, AutoCraze serves as an ideal platform to obtain premier K├Ânig Wheels with the assurance of quality and support.

Each wheel design by K├Ânig, be it the lightweight Dekagram or the track-suited Hypergram, is engineered for maximum performance. Their investment in the spinning process and the molding of raw casting into refined wheels translates into products that superbly meet the demands of diverse driving environments.

Those drawn to the allure of K├Ânig Wheels can make an informed decision with the help of specialists ready to assist. When the choice is made, booking and purchase are only a call away with an effortless customer service line available to secure the latest in wheel innovation.

In essence, K├Ânig Wheels embodies a fusion of technological advancement and articulate design, providing automotive enthusiasts with a reliable and stylish solution to their wheel needs. Their history of customer devotion and pursuit of excellence has cemented their legacy as a trustworthy and visionary brand in the wheel industry.

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