King Taro Wheels

Yellow Subaru SVX King Taro Wheels Front Shot Gallery April 2020

The King Taro wheel is a 5 spoke elegant wheel from Australian-owned King Wheels. If you are keen to step up from the everyday crowd and leave them in the dust, then look no further than the King Taro. Made from the highest quality Dubai alloy and finished with a German inspired clear coat.

About King wheels

King wheels are an Australian based company and have been serving the community proudly since the 1990’s. King wheels. Their wheels are known to from their elegance and durability, which is a greater combination than eggs and bacon. They have a 1-year warranty on all their wheels, so you don’t have to worry about a thing

And here at Autocraze we go above and beyond to give you the best quality wheels set at such a competitive price that you don’t have to pull out all the money in your pants. We are operated with over 300 fitting partners across the country and we go above and beyond with our customers and provide free shipping as well as free fitting and balancing when you buy high performance wheels from us.

We assist the customers in getting the best-looking quality wheels that make their car shine brighter than Simon Cowell’s teeth. And no better wheel is better than King’s wheels. Why not take your car to the next level and give Autocraze a call today on 1800 099 634 or check out the range of wheels available online.


Are the King Taro wheels load rated?

Yes, the King Taro is a load rated wheel
What size wheels are available for the King Taro wheels?

We only have it available in 17” and 18” inches. Perfect for any small to medium sized car

What finishes are available for King Taro wheels?

The options we have available are gloss black and silver brushed.

What are the benefits and features of buying the wheels at Autocraze?

The King Taro is a semi-forged wheel, meaning that the wheel goes through a unique flow forming process in its final stages of production. Flow forming is when pressure is applied to the inner barrel of the wheel while its spinning. This process compresses the aluminium to increase tensile strength. The final product a lighter and stronger wheel with great shock resistance, so you can tackle the outback with ease. And because of its lightweight design, it also features increased brake cooling.

But because the features, let me show you some of the features that come with the wheel when you purchase at Autocraze, they include:

  • compliance with Australian standards, both state and federal
  • 100% fitment guarantee
  • 20 days back guaranteed if you don’t think the wheel is a good fit

Yellow Subaru SVX King Taro Wheels Front Side Shot Gallery April 2020

Subaru Alcyone SVX with 18” King Taro wheels, side shot (Silver Brushed)

Yellow Subaru SVX King Taro Wheels Rear Fitment Shot Gallery April 2020

Subaru Alcyone SVX with 18” King Taro wheels, back shot (Silver Brushed)

Why buy from Autocraze?

Because why not, with our numerous local business awards and great reviews, it is hard to turn away. Especially when you consider our huge collection of over 200 wheels that can be customized to your perfection. All the King wheels are back by a lifetime structural warranty so you can shop without a care in the world. Just give our friendly staff a call today at 1800 099 634 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.