King Drifta Wheels

Unleash your inner drifter with the new King Drifta wheels now available at Autocraze. As the name suggest, these are the wheels for anyone who take life in the fast lane, or in this case down a mountain chasing an AE86. It has a Japanese inspired clean design is perfect for any fast and furious fans, but just keep in mind these wheels will not stop a tank or guarantee a safe journey through an ice-covered lake.

About King wheels

King wheels is an Australian wheel brand that been the to go to place for wheels since the 1990’s.  Just by looking at their collection as well as the one above, it is easy to see why. They have wheels specifically made for off-roading, car meets and racing. Their wheels are often praised for their looks and toughness, which in the long run has earned Kings wheels numerous awards and sponsorships.

Just like King wheels, Autocraze is also Australian made and owned. Autocraze is best place to find the perfect King wheels for you drifting bundle of joy. Our tyre specialist will help you find the best ones at the most competitive prices. We also provide free shipping, free fitting and balancing when you buy King Drifta wheels from us.

We know what our customers want and when the want it as well as how they want it. And that is what make us different from the res, we value our customers. We have the best king wheels and a whole collection of sizes and finishes at your disposal. So, take a leap of faith by giving Autocraze a call today on 1800 099 634 or check out our online store for the largest range of quality wheels and tyre packages.


Are the King Drifta wheels load rated?

Yes, King Drifta wheels is a load rated wheel
What sizes are available for the King Drifta?

We have them available in the sizes from 17” to 18” inches. Perfect for any compact cars

What finishes are available for the King Drifta?

We only have it available in blue black piped, red black piped and Stain black piped. The perfect finishes for whatever little drifter you have

What are the benefits and features of buying the wheels at Autocraze?

The King Drifta is the latest flow forged wheel from Kings and is outfitted with piping technology.  The process of flow forging is when the wheel is pressurised in the inner barrel while spinning, this will increase its tensile strength. This process will create a lightweight wheel that is strong and outfitted with great shock resistance, so you can tackle high terrains with ease. And not only that when you purchase this wheel at Autocraze, the features that come with it include:

  • compliance with Australian standards, both state and federal
  • 100% fitment guarantee
  • 20 days back guaranteed if you don’t think the wheel is a good fit.

Why Buy from Autocraze?

Because why not? Our fantastic reviews from our customers and high-quality wheels would make this the perfect shop for all your wheel accessories. We are Australia owned and have over 200 wheels at your disposal. And All of the King wheels we have are backed by a lifetime structural warranty. Just give our friendly staff a call today at 1800 099 634 and you will be taking your car to the next level. Check out the large range of wheel and tyre packages available at AutoCraze.

If you’re looking to change up the look of your pride and joy then the King Drifta wheels are definitely the wheels for you. Featuring a classic and simple multiple spoke design. Package your set of King Drifta wheels and get free fitting and balancing. Not only that we’ll even give you free shipping Australia-wide* on your set of King Drifta wheels. Don’t miss out shop online now or give us a call on 1800 099 634.