Kia Cerrato Niche Misano Wheels Front Close Shot Gallery March

Buy alloy wheels and rims that fit Kia Cerato at AutoCraze. AutoCraze takes pride in being one of the biggest wheels & tyre stores in Australia. Choose from a wide range of over 7000 wheels from the world’s leading brand including KMC, Niche, Koya, Rotiform, Zenetti, BBS, TSW, and many more. A high-quality wheel requires an equally high-quality tyre to go with it and AutoCraze got you covered in that area too. Choose from around 4000 tyres from the leading brands including Michelin, Toyo, Pirelli, Nitto, Bridgestone, Continental to name a few. Choose from wheels ranging from 16″ | 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″ diameter sizes with many finishes including Gold Polish Lip, Silver Machined Face, Black Diamond Cut, Brilliant Silver, Gloss Black Machined Face, Pearl Grey and heaps more.

A wide range of Kia Cerato wheels is exclusive to AutoCraze from leading brands like Rotiform, KMC, Niche, etc.

AutoCraze’s wheels collection caters to all our customers needs whether it’s a budget wheel or a premium wheel. Our highly professional sales team will recommend you the best set of wheels that right for your budget.

Here are some of the premium wheels with a sleek design that will look great on any Kia Cerato.


Are the Kia Cerato wheels sold at AutoCraze compliant with Australian standards. 

Yes, all Kia Cerato wheels are compliant with all Australian standards.

What wheel brands do AutoCraze offer for the Kia Cerato. 

AutoCraze offers a wide range of Kia Cerato wheels from big brands including Niche, Rotiform, King, SSW, Mason and loads more.

What wheel size does AutoCraze offer for the Kia Cerato?

AutoCraze have Kia Cerato wheels from a wide range of sizes including 16″,17″, 18″, 20″ and more.

Range of KIA CERATO WHEELS brands at AutoCraze


SSW Hockenheim Wheels

Finishes Available: Gloss Black | Gun Metal | Super Silver
Wheel Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″


Mason ZR1 Wheels 

Black Kia Cerato Mason ZR1 wheels

Finishes Available: Gloss Black
Wheel Sizes: 18″

Check out the range of Mason wheels from AutoCraze.


Niche rims are have been making waves in the JDM and European scene. It’s high quality and excellent value has made it a top seller in Australia. The award-winning designs and top-notchfinishes are what everyone is talking about. Straight from the United States, Niche Rims are distributed worldwide with a huge following of loyal fans. Featuring deep concave, a dish for days, think spoke, thick spoke and everything in between.

Dare to be different? Niche rims have been making a statement in recent times due to their distinct and attention-grabbing designs. These wheels are highly underrated and can truly turn your vehicle into a masterpiece.


Finishes Available: Gloss Black | Matte Bronze | Silver Machined Face | Gloss Silver Machined
Wheel Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 22″

NICHE MISANO WHEELSKia Cerrato Niche Misano Wheels Front Close Shot Gallery March 2018

Finishes Available: Matte Black | Matte Gun Metal
Wheel Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 22″
Wheel width: 8″ | 8.5″ | 9″


Kia Cerato Niche Targa Black Machined Wheels Nitto NT860 Tyres Front Close Up Shot Gallery Janurary 2017

Finishes Available: Black Machined Face | Matte Gun Metal | Silver Machined Face
Wheel Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 22″
Wheel width: 8″ | 8.5″ | 9″

Check out the range of Niche wheels available.

Speedy Wheels

Speedy Badger Wheels

Grey Kia Cerato Speedy Badger Wheels

Finishes Available: Gloss Black Machined Face | Gloss Black Dark Tint Face
Wheel Sizes: 15″ | 16″ | 17″ | 18″

Check out the range of Speedy wheels available.

King Wheels 

King Venom Wheels


Finishes Available: Black Machined Face | Gloss Black | Gun Metal Machined Face | Matte Black | Silver Machined Face
Wheel Sizes: 15″ | 16″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″

Why choose AutoCraze for your Kia Cerato Wheels?

AutoCraze is your trusted source for Kia Cerato wheels. With over 30 years fitting experience and an in-house vehicle specialist, we will be sure to find the correct option first time from the design up to the fitment on all Kia Cerato wheels. Turn your Kia Cerato wheels into a beast with a set of Kia Cerato wheels from various brands at AutoCraze. AutoCraze is one of the biggest wheels store in Australia.

► 24 Months Interest-Free Finance on all Kia Cerato wheels
►100% Guarantee Correct Fitment the First Time on all  Kia Cerato wheels
►Free Fitment & Balancing on all  Kia Cerato wheels & tyres packages
►All  Kia Cerato wheels are Load Rated
►Compliance with Australian Standards on all  Kia Cerato wheels
►Over 300 Fitting and Balancing Partners across Australia


At AutoCraze we offer a large range of Kia Cerato wheels for sale and also, tyres and suspension for your Kia Cerato wheels. We stock high-quality suspension systems from brands such as BC-Racing, K-Sport and XYZ coilovers. The many brands that we sell specialise in performance suspension systems which help better improve your Kia Cerato wheels handling at the same time giving it a more aggressive look and stance. Our in-house suspension specialists are fully trained and qualified with over 30 years of experience that will give you the right advice and also install them for your Kia Cerato wheels.

Benefits of buying a coilover system for your Kia Cerato wheels are:

  • Custom tuneability of Height and Ride Comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable parts
  • Modular design, certain parts can be replaced or upgraded
  • Built to OEM specifications


A high-performance car needs high-performance tyres, at AutoCraze we have a huge range of tyres from high performance to low budget. For the Kia Cerato wheels, it requires a premium tyre brand that will be able to put the power down. Give your car that performance edge for your Kia Cerato wheels with some performance tyres that can outperform generic everyday tyres. Some of AutoCraze best selling tyre brands are:

  • Bridgestone
  • Toyo
  • Achilles
  • Michelin
  • Nitto
  • and many more

Buy a set of tyres for your Kia Cerato wheels for huge savings. We have a large of Kia Cerato tyres to suit all sorts of needs, from track to add that extra grip in the fast corners or to comfort where you just want to cruise on the streets. Whether you need it for a performance spirited drive down the road, or daily driving for A to B, AutoCraze will have you sorted. With the biggest range of Kia Cerato wheels and tyres across Australia, AutoCraze should be your first choice for Kia Cerato wheels, tyres and accessories.