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When considering an upgrade or replacement for Isuzu Dmax wheels, AutoCraze stands out as a dedicated marketplace. Catering to a broad customer base, the company offers an extensive selection of alloy rims, highlighting its commitment to both variety and quality. From robust off-road wheels to stylish street options, AutoCraze ensures that Isuzu Dmax owners can find the perfect match for their vehicle, tailored to individual preferences and driving conditions.

AutoCraze prides itself on being a hub for Isuzu Dmax owners, providing a seamless shopping experience that aligns with their automotive passions. The store not only supplies wheels from reputable brands like Fuel, KMC, and Black Rhino, but also provides valuable services such as professional fitting, balancing, and alignment. These complementary services ensure that the wheels are not just visually appealing but also perform optimally in terms of safety and efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • AutoCraze offers a wide selection of Isuzu Dmax wheels, catering to various styles and driving needs.

  • Quality and customer satisfaction are prioritized with a range of reputable wheel brands.

  • Services include professional fitting and maintenance, ensuring peak performance of the wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

AutoCraze provides a variety of Isuzu D-Max wheels, offering different sizes and styles for various models, ensuring quality choices for vehicle enthusiasts.

What types of wheels does AutoCraze offer for the Isuzu D-Max?

AutoCraze stocks a range of Isuzu D-Max wheels including alloy wheels in various designs and finishes. They cater to different preferences, ensuring there's a style that matches every owner's taste.

What are the sizes of tyres that fit the Isuzu D-Max 4x2 models?

The Isuzu D-Max 4x2 models can accommodate tyre sizes from 16 inches to 18 inches, designed to ensure optimum performance and aesthetics of the vehicle.

Which black wheels are available for the Isuzu D-Max at AutoCraze?

AutoCraze offers a selection of black wheels for the Isuzu D-Max, ranging from matte to glossy finishes, emphasising a bold, striking look for the vehicle.

Are there 20-inch options for Isuzu D-Max wheels at AutoCraze?

Yes, AutoCraze provides 20-inch wheel options for Isuzu D-Max owners looking for a larger wheel size that enhances the vehicle's stance and road presence.

Overview of Isuzu Dmax Wheels

AutoCraze caters to Isuzu Dmax owners seeking a range of alloy wheel options that combine style with functionality.

Standard Wheel Features

The Isuzu Dmax is well-regarded for its durability and capacity to handle heavy loads. AutoCraze provides an assortment of Isuzu Dmax wheels aimed at enhancing the vehicle's aesthetics while maintaining its robust workhorse capabilities. Standard features of these wheels typically encompass:

  • High-quality materials: Ensuring longevity and performance.

  • Compatibility: Designed to fit a variety of Dmax models seamlessly.

  • Finish variety: Offering multiple finishes to suit individual preferences.

Wheel Specifications for Isuzu Dmax

The wheels for the Isuzu Dmax at AutoCraze are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different uses and looks. Specifications of wheels include:

  • Sizes: Ranging from 16 to 22 inches.

  • Designs: A selection of patterns and styles to match the vehicle's look.

  • Load rating: Each wheel is crafted to support the vehicle's load-carrying requirements.

By selecting the appropriate wheels, owners can customise their Isuzu Dmax to reflect their personal style without compromising its dependable performance.

Selection Guide

When choosing wheels for the Isuzu Dmax at AutoCraze, customers are presented with a range of sizes and styles along with load-rated options, ensuring not only a suitable aesthetic match but also adherence to safety and performance standards.

Determining the Right Fit

The correct wheel size is critical for the Isuzu Dmax, with available dimensions including 16", 17", 18", 20", and 22". It is imperative that the selected wheels possess the correct load rating to comply with the vehicle's specifications. For instance:

  • 16x8: Ideal for robustness and factory fitment compatibility

  • 17x8: Strikes a balance between off-road capability and on-road manners

  • 18x8 and 20x8: Suited for those favouring aesthetics and requiring space for larger brake components

Style and Performance Considerations

Aesthetics play an essential role in wheel selection. One can opt from various finishes, including matte, gloss, and metallic, to complement the Dmax's rugged appeal.

  • Performance: Load-rated alloys like CSA and Black Rhino are engineered to withstand heavy-duty use, reducing the risk of damage in harsh off-road conditions.

  • Style: A diverse range of brands, such as Nomad, KMC, Fuel, and Tuff, offer designs to personalise the Isuzu Dmax's appearance.

Check out the range of Isuzu Dmax wheels available at AutoCraze!


Driven by a passion for the automotive, AutoCraze has always had the latest styles and design from brands around the world. We excel in ensuring fitment with our 100% fitment guarantee. Won’t fit? we have you covered. So why not take our experience and knowledge of the industry to the drawing board and create our own wheel, and that we did.

For years our customers have been asking about our own manufactured wheels and we are finally ready to introduce you to the NOMAD WHEELS Available for 4X4 only this wheels will take you far.

The inspiration behind the name, design, and overall aspect was and is what Autocraze stands for to push the limits and set your car apart for everyone else. Our Nomad wheels come in a number of different colours, including Bronze, Hyper Black and Matte Black.

Nomad Victim Wheels


Wheels: Nomad Victim
Finishes Available: Matte black
Sizes Available: 17"


Fuel wheels Australia has developed into the most sought after 4WD wheel brand on the market today and continues to add to its arsenal for 2016. Fuel wheels have continued to further evolve off-road wheel design with high end brushed finishes available. With the success of the expanding Fuel Forged program, Fuel wheels are bringing high quality load rated wheels to the masses. Sticking to the saying “go big or go home” Fuel wheels Australia are all about pushing the limits of 4WD design. Whether stock, leveled, lifted or trail ready, Fuel Off-Road are the wheels you are looking for.

Fuel Torque Wheels


Wheels: Fuel Torque Wheels
Finishes Available: Matte Bronze, Matte Black
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20"

Fuel Beast Wheels


Wheels: Fuel Beast
Finishes Available: Black Machined with Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20"


KMC wheels are the market leader in aftermarket wheels. KMC wheels are specialised to suit both 4WD and passenger vehicles, you can certainly make a statement with a set of these quality wheels.

KMC spends the majority of their efforts researching and developing not only the best styles, but also the highest quality wheels and load ratings for the Australian and worldwide market.

KMC wheels are more of a lifestyle then an aftermarket wheel manufacturer. KMC understands the importance of your vehicle and endeavours to provide you with the best quality wheels on the market.

KMC wheels are cast on the latest equipment in a cutting edge factory. These wheels are then machined on ultra modern computer controlled equipment to bring the raw casting to their final form.

Finally, all KMC wheels are painted with the finest automotive grade paints to ensure a vibrant finish for years to come.



Wheels: KMC Heist wheels
Finishes Available: Satin Black, Satin Black Milled, Gloss Black Milled
Sizes Available: 16", 17" | 18" | 20"



Wheels: KMC Mesa wheels
Finishes Available: Matte Bronze, Satin Black, Satin Black Grey
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20"


Moto metal 4WD rims are a tribe of misfits that disregard normalcy and crave chaos. Their wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. They take what they want and they do what the want. They knew their designs had to be more than just 'outside the box', they had to remove the box altogether! Focusing on customisation as their lifeblood, they provide 29 removable parts for their wheels, giving you full control over colour options and combos so you stand out. Whether you're shredding dunes or on your way to the track, let your wheels say everything about you.

Moto Metal MO971


Wheels: Moto Metal MO971
Finishes Available: Satin Black
Sizes Available: 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"

Collaborating with the guys over at 4wd action, they took the Moto Metal MO971 to push it to the very limits off-road. Needing to find some reliable aftermarket wheels for their Isuzu dmax wheels. Not only is the Moto Metal MO971 one tough son of a wheel but they're also one hell of a looker. If you're looking for some of the toughest, yet stylish looking Isuzu Dmax wheels then look no further than AutoCraze.


The Tuff All-Terrain wheels’ range of 4×4 alloy wheels has absolutely exploded in popularity as of late! The current surging trend of 4×4 vehicles and the adventure sport of 4×4 off-roading has enabled Tuff wheels to gain the recognition and the raving Tuff Wheels reviews they truly deserve. What makes Tuff wheels 4×4 range so popular is that they are truly customisable so that no matter your preference and style, you’ll find a Tuff wheels design to suit you. They have interchangeable inserts and logo emblems so you can change your looks as you go.

Tuff T01Wheels


Wheels: Tuff T01 | Isuzu Dmax Wheels 
Finishes Available: Gloss Black Machined Face with Chrome inserts | Gloss Black Machined face with Red inserts | Satin Black with chrome inserts | Satin black with red inserts
Sizes Available: 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"

These Tuff rims feature a thick 6 spoke design to really push that tough look on these Isuzu Dmax wheels. The unique colour combo of the machine face with red accents really helps it stand out against the white body of the Isuzu Dmax wheels. An attention grabbing wheel for sure on both off-road terrains and on normal roads. To give it the finish touches on this Isuzu Dmax wheels we fitted them up with Achilles Desert Hawk M/T.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and regular maintenance are essential for preserving the performance and longevity of Isuzu Dmax wheels. AutoCraze ensures that customers receive expert fitting and comprehensive guidance for maintaining their wheels.

Professional Fitting Services

AutoCraze offers professional wheel fitting services for Isuzu Dmax owners. They employ qualified technicians to mount wheels and tyres correctly, ensuring they are safely and securely attached to the vehicle. All installations meet Australian standards, conforming to vehicle manufacturer specifications. Customers can expect services like precise torque settings and balance checks as part of the installation process.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

To maintain the condition and extend the life of Isuzu Dmax wheels and tyres, AutoCraze recommends the following:

  • Regular Inspections: Check for any signs of damage such as cracks, dents, or unusual wear patterns on the wheels and tyres.

  • Tyre Pressure: Maintain the correct tyre pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to prevent uneven tyre wear and to optimise fuel efficiency.

  • Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is crucial, especially if the vehicle carries heavy loads that may affect the front axle and its correct alignment.

  • Rotation: Regular tyre rotation can help distribute wear evenly across all tyres, improving longevity and performance.

  • Cleaning: Clean wheels regularly to remove road salts and brake dust, which can cause corrosion over time. Use non-corrosive and gentle cleaning products designed for wheel surfaces.

Purchasing Options at AutoCraze

AutoCraze provides a diverse range of Isuzu Dmax wheels and tyres, offering both convenience and quality in their purchasing options. Customers can explore extensive collections from reputable brands and benefit from dedicated customer support.

Online Shopping Advantages

AutoCraze's online platform facilitates the selection of Isuzu Dmax wheels with ease. Customers can access over 6000 wheels and 3000 tyres, featuring brands like Fuel, KMC, and Tuff among others. The benefits of shopping online at AutoCraze include:

  • A user-friendly website and 4WD mag wheel simulator

  • Interest-free payment options

  • Prominent savings with discounts on various products

Customer Support and Services

AutoCraze places a high importance on customer experience. They offer:

  • Expert advice via their hotline at 1800 099 634

  • Fitment guarantee for a hassle-free service

  • After sales support to assist customers post-purchase

Are you looking for a set of Isuzu Dmax wheels, then you've come to the right place. AutoCraze offers a wide range of top brands Isuzu Dmax from all the biggest name brands including Nomad, Fuel, KMC and loads more. Shop now and save up to 50% off Isuzu Dmax wheels.