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IROAD Dash Cam is a leading brand in the car dash cam market. They have made an all-in-one dash cam with more features than just recording out of the front and back windscreens.

IROAD have risen to prominence with their high-quality image recording and its auto-recovery formats which back-up automatically make using and accessing videos extremely easy for the user.

IROAD X9 page info

IROAD produce the best dash cam image quality with front and rear videos shot in Full HD and in 30FPS. The front dashcam uses a Sony Starvis Image Sensor and the rear uses a Sony Exmor Image Senor.

The IROAD car camera’s install technologies such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – with Lane Departure Warning Systems, Front Collision Warning Systems and Front Vehicle Departure Warnings to added safety and functionality.

Intelligent night vision, 150-degree wide angle and an ARM Cortex A7 processor means it’ll never skip a beat so drivers can trust the extra pair of eyes on the road.



Installing the IROAD Dash Cam comes with several benefits, some of which can be used to prove innocence or to predict oncoming hazards. The car camera provides irrefutable video evidence that can be easily accessed in the event of an accident.

The car dash cam footage can be used for insurance and legal purposes for false accusations which is why having great quality car camera footage is crucial.


Maintain your no claim history with your insurance provider and document any cases of hit-and-run accidents in the case the perpetrator doesn’t comply with the law. The external GPS antenna of the IROAD Dash Cam is also a key feature to prove innocence and is another layer of security users can trust.

Car dash cam reviews from around the world have also stated how fellow road user’s that notice a dash cam in someone’s vehicle, their driving behaviour changes drastically as they know their actions are being recorded, potentially removing the danger factor from drivers and their passengers.


Hooning and dangerous driving can be negated once a dash cam is in sight. IROAD dash cams are also an effective tool for Employers and business owners. The GPS tracking and camera footage allow business owners to effectively monitor their employee’s behaviour and can help ensure users are complying with company policies when using their vehicles.

Car Dash Cam’s document the 3 most common types of accidents in Australia:

  1. Rear End – contact from behind.
  2. Side on (T-bone) – collision on the side of the vehicle.
  3. Head on – collision when moving in a forward direction.


The IROAD X9 Dash Cam is the leading Car Dash Cam in the market due to its durability and customer-centric features that make it a must have in every car. Dash Cam reviews of the IROAD X9 are proof as to why customers are satisfied with this all-in-one car camera.

Image Quality and Visual Features

IROAD uses the Sony Starvis Image Sensor in the front Camera and the Exmor Sensor in the rear camera of the X9. The Starvis Image Sensor by Sony ensures the ultimate image quality regardless of lighting conditions and produces the sharp image quality, great for identifying people, vehicles, objects and surroundings.

An all-glass lens construction ensures it’s stable at higher temperatures and will not warp under any temperature conditions. The X9 shoots in full 1080p Full HD in 30FPS. The wide 150-degree angle ensures it covers the entire view of the driver’s windscreen. The rear camera shoots in the same image quality however with a 145-degree angle.

IROAD X9 page info

The image sensor provides the cleanest and brightest images in low light environments and provides clearer, sharper and brighter images during daylight and strong sunlight.

X-Vision is a popular feature amongst the IROAD Dash Cam range. It helps bride It automatically senses the surrounding brightness within 5 seconds and adjust accordingly for optimal image quality for playback.

Dash Cams usually lack this feature and provide lower quality nighttime vision, however, IROAD is constantly improving their Car Camera technologies. Clearer, brighter images are used in parking mode as well as parking mode.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The IROAD X9 Dash Cam boasts features that no other car dash cam manufacturer features due to their constant development of innovative technologies. These new features can be potentially life-saving as they provide audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW).

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Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The Lane Departure Warning System in the IROAD X9 Dash Cam tracks and senses the road markings and lane indicators on the road in real time, sensing whether a driver is driving poorly or is becoming fatigued on the road, impacting their driving and other road users.


The X9 Car Camera will track the movement of the vehicle according to the lane indicators and will notify users with an audio alert.

Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

The Forward Collision Warning System is designed by IROAD to implement in the X9 dash cam. It helps drivers predict and prevent front-end collisions as it plays an audio alert when reaching and surpassing the distance of a safe-braking distance to prevent a collision.


Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

IROAD X9 Dash Cams use Front Vehicle Departure Warning systems to provide distracted drivers with an alert that the vehicle in front is pulling away from an intersection. This grabs the driver’s attention as it can be a hazardous situation if improper attention is given.

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Many Dash Cams Car Camera’s lacks this function even though it is crucial especially for long-distance driving or for busy individuals.


X9 Dash Car Cameras by IROAD are packed full features and connectivity options to make life much easier for the driver. It allows users to easily access their footage as quickly as possible as IROAD understands the importance of the footage in post-accident circumstances. IROAD’s Dash Cam

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The application allows users to check footage anywhere and anytime. It can automatically detect WiFi spots that it has already connected to before and will automatically connect.

The IROAD dashcam car camera will also prompt users for software updates which can add enhanced capabilities to the function on the camera.

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IROAD car dash cams boast half the consumption of its competitors using only 2.9W and release heat from the electric circuit. For battery protection of the vehicle and the IROAD X9 Dash Cam, it automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below a certain point.

Once initiated, recording is stopped, and power is turned off until rebooted by the user. Motion detection can also be initiated by the user as an effective battery saving function.

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The file system used to sort footage is utilised by IROAD through the JDR system. This improves stability and prevents file loss and saves all recordings to the main memory unit.

DR format doesn’t require formatting regularly when compared to other Dash Cam reviews. The automatic rebooting guarantees device and data safety. Viewing the files of the X9 dashcam is simple and intuitive thanks to the easy to use interface.

IROAD X9 page info

It allows convenient and easy viewing of recorded videos and is both Mac and PC compatible. Track your route, speed and observe surroundings with the playback features of the IROAD X9 Dash Cam.