Inforged IFG40 wheels

18Red Holden Commodore Inforged IFG40 Wheels Front Shot Gallery July 2020_large

Now time for the abstract art to take the podium and in this case it is the IFG40. Just looking at its unique 5 splits spoke pattern and its clean silver finish. Although it looks like a spider web drawn by Pablo Picasso or a Spiderman logo drawn by Jackson Pollock, the IFG40 wheel is for all the car lovers out there

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A little bit about Inforged

Inforged is a Taiwanese company that has been making its name in the import community for the over 20 years and has been recently the spotlight of the Australian market. Their wheels are outfitted with their most recent technology that makes it look bigger and stronger then it already is, it does this by removing the valve from the wheel. It will enhance your car in looks and performance, turning heads in the process and making you the centre of attention. However, the wheel is very lightweight and durable, and if that is what you desire in a wheel then look no further.

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FAQS about the IFG40

What vehicles does it suit?

It would suit any small to medium size car or SUV on the road. It’s quite compelling and will suit just about any driver out there, no matter if they are a hothead or a Sunday driver. This, however, is a wheel that won’t suit RV’s or public transport.

What sizes are available?

We have them in the sizes of 18″, 19″ and 20″.

What finishes are available?

we have two unique finishes available: Silver, Silver-Machined, Matt Black & Matt Bronze

Is it a load rated wheel?

yes, the IFG40 is a load rated wheel

Benefits and features of the IFG40

The IFG40 is imported in blanks and has a low offset of 20p. Although the options are limited, the wheel will make your next drive as comfortable as laying in the sand at Bondi Beach on a hot summer day The features associated with this wheel include:

  • available in the sizes of 18″, 19″ and 20″
  • available In the finishes of Silver, Silver-Machined, Matt Black & Matt Bronze
  • Is in compliance with Australian Standards, both state and federal
  • Easy to clean and maintain


13Red Holden Commodore Inforged IFG40 Wheels Front Fitment Shot Gallery July 2020_large

A Holden Commodore Ute with Black machined face IFG40 wheels, Front fitment shot

20Red Holden Commodore Inforged IFG40 Wheels Rear Fitment Shot Gallery July 2020_large

A Holden Commodore Ute with Black machined face IFG40 wheels, Back fitment shot

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