Inforged IFG27 wheels

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Now its time for a wheel that will make Pablo Piccaso look down from the stars.  I’m talking about the IFG27, one of the newest wheels from Inforged. Stunning, elegant and shiny as a Fifth Avenue diamond, you can be sure to stand out rather than fit in when behind the wheel. Although I can’t even begin to describe what it looks like, I can tell you it is very durable and light, pretty much the Inforged equivalent of a Nokia 3310.

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A little bit about Inforged

For over 20 years, this Taiwanese company has been making its name in the import community. Their wheels are outfitted with their most recent technology that makes it look bigger and stronger then it already is, it does this by removing the valve from the wheel. It will enhance your car in looks and performance, although it will turn heads, some people might mistake it for a lowrider. However, the wheel is very lightweight and durable, so if do have that jumps, then look no further.

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What vehicles does it suit?

It would suit any small to medium size vehicle with a style as abstract as the wheel and I couldn’t think of a better option than the Toyota C-HR. This spacious bundle of joy looks like a tuner’s dream and also the sort of car meant for dropping and picking up your kids from school. yet it’s performance, handling and durability and what makes it and the IFG27 a match in heaven

What sizes are available for me?

We only have them in size 19″

What finishes are available for me?

We have them in the finishes of matt black and silver-machined face.

Are the wheels load rated?

Yes, the IFG27 is a load rated wheel

What are the benefits and features of the IFG27?

The IFG27 is imported in blanks and has a low offset of 20p. Although the options are limited, the wheel will make your next drive as comfortable as walking on a field of sunflowers, minus the bindiis in between. The features associated with this wheel include:

  • available in the size of 19″
  • available In the finishes of matt black and silver machined face.
  • Is in compliance with Australian Standards, both state and federal
  • Easy to clean and maintain


IFG27 google #1.4

A white Toyota C-HR with 19″ IFG27 wheels. side shot (Photo by Inforged Japan)

IFG27 google #1.6

A white Toyota C-HR with 19″ IFG27 wheels. Front shot (Photo by Inforged Japan)

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