Are you looking for a nice set of wheels for your pride and joy? Then a set of HRE wheels is a must but only for those who dare to take their vehicle to the next level. HRE wheels are world-renowned for their high quality forged wheels. Made from only the highest quality materials and highest standards.

HRE wheels are available in 1 piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces and cast flowed wheels. HRE wheels are mostly known to create exotic wheels for high-performance sports luxury vehicles.

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Why are HRE wheels expensive?

HRE wheels are expensive because of the process of making the wheels themselves. HRE wheels are forged, custom made to fit each vehicle specifically.

How can you tell apart fake HRE wheels and genuine HRE wheels?

With genuine HRE wheels, they have a little "HRE" stamped on the wheel centre near the fasteners which can be easily seen with the wheels on the car.

Where are HRE wheels manufactured? 

HRE wheels are designed and manufactured in their San Diego, California based TUV approved facility.

Range of HRE Wheels 

HRE Forged Monoblock Wheels


Since 2006, HRE's 1-Piece Forged Monoblok wheels have been the industry standard for beautiful design and lightweight optimization around the world.

HRE Forged 2 Piece Wheels

Utilizing their proprietary one-piece forged barrel, FMR®, HRE has created the finest 2-Piece FMR® wheels in the world by increasing strength and reducing weight.

HRE Forged 3 Piece Wheels

HRE's Forged 3-Piece wheels span almost four decades of excellence and innovation with unmatched style and customization options.

HRE Flowform Wheels

HRE FF11 Wheels

FlowForm® wheels are cast designs stretched to a flow formed profile and thickness resulting in forged-like strength at a more accessible price point.

If you're looking to get a set of HRE wheels then you've come to the right place, AutoCraze will be able to find the right HRE wheels to suit your needs.