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How to Adjust Coilovers - The Steps To Take

Changing the height of your car is fairly easy, but takes some time to do.

First you need to measure the distance from the top of your tire to the fender. It’s essential to know how far the tire can go down without rubbing the fender.

Next you need to lift your car with a jack until the suspension you are adjusting is completely drooped and off the ground. You might want to take your tire off, but it may not be necessary. Now let’s take a look at the actual coils. At the bottom of the spring you need to loosen the bottom locking nut with the special wrench supplied and move it down a few turns just to get it out of the way.

After this you’re going to loosen the spring adjustment nut, which is seated closest to the bottom of the spring. Make sure to count how many turns you make so you can do the same with the other side of the car or else you’ll end up with one side of the car being If you loosen the nut, it gets lower. If you tighten it, it gets higher. (right?) Once You’re finished, tighten the locking nut up snug to the top adjustment nut and button the rest of it up.

Repeat this to the other side of the car and go for a drive. Lowering the car is a bit intensive and not something you want to do very often, so its essential to test it out and make sure you like the height of the car before you’re done adjusting for the day.