AutoCraze's Holiday Tyre Guide - Things to Look Out For Before You Leave Your Driveway 

It's the holiday season and that means more motorists on the road trying to beat the traffic and get to where they need to be quicker. At AutoCraze we want all motorists on the road to be safe. We ask families to be more careful these school holidays and be wary of dangerous road conditions especially if you've decided to go on a long trip. To help our customers and families get to where they need to go safer, here is a handy guide for things you need to check with your tyres before you decide to leave on your epic journey.


Tyre Tread Wear


Tyres are your only contact point on the road for braking, steering and driving. In emergency high speed and wet conditions, tyres can be a major factor in saving the life of you and the passengers in your car. The most critical thing to check is if your tyres are bald or worn out. This can severely affect your performance and grip on the road. 

In Australia, the minimum legal tyre tread is 1.5mm. If you are unsure how much tyre tread you have left, tyres come with an indicator. If you're tread becomes level or below the indicator, it is a sign you must change your tyres. With higher police presence during these school holidays, being slapped with a defect fine is something you don't need. Ensure your tyre tread is up to scratch before you leave your driveway these holidays.


Tyre Pressures 


Check your tyre pressures and make sure you’re not driving with a flat tyre. Flat tyres are a major cause for fuel inefficiency and huge future tyre problems including shorter tyre lifespan and horrible handling. Please refer to your cars manual for the correct tyre pressures and recommendations. Tyres lose pressure everyday, every time you drive and generally more rapidly in warmer temperatures such as Australia. You can check your tyre pressure at your local petrol station or the next time your tyres are rotated, ask to have them checked by a professional.


Tyre Damage


Sometimes the best thing to do is have a quick look at your tyres. Check for any damage including cracks, punctures or bulges. Even though your tyre may look overall fine, cracks, bumps and bulges are telltale signs that your tyre is on it's deathbed with its strucutural integrity compromised, a minor hitch on the road can lead to a pop or leak at any moment. You don't want this to happen on a busy highway. Ensure your tyre is in peak condition by checking every aspect of you tyre including the sidewalls.



tyre bulge

Heavy vibration while driving is a large concern for motorists. It may be a sign of a misalignment or wheel imbalance. It causes premature tyre and suspension wear and an overall uncomfortable ride leading to driver fatigue. Heavy vibrations can also stem from multiple and serious issues so you may need to speak to a professional.


AutoCraze - Drive safe!

If you're having any issues or feel you're out of your depth, AutoCraze have professional and knowledgeable staff to give you advice on how you best can look after your tyres and maintain them for longer, more comfortable rides. We are also the premiere online store for wheels, tyres and accessories, so for families looking to improve safety and style these Easter Long Weekends, come visit our online store, where we are having Easter sales happening. Or hop on into our main store in Sydney for assistance on wheel balancing, fitting and tyre recommendations all at the lowest prices.

AutoCraze wants to wish all our fans, friends, families and fellow Australians a happy Easter holiday. Be sure to keep safe on our roadways. Double demerits is now in action, so please slow down and wear your seatbelts. Avoid driving while fatigued and take a break whenever you start feeling drowsy.


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