Holden Colorado Accessories

Holden’s Colorado is currently in its third generation is the best version yet and the Holden Colorado Accessories have improved vastly. It is a significant improvement as it has taken styling cues from other General Motor vehicles and used them efficiently for a sport truck style ute. AutoCraze stocks many Holden Colorado Accessories and fits them with expertise. We have completed and documented hundreds of 4X4 builds including the Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and hundreds more. Our combined 30 years of experience is why over customer’s travel across Australia for our renown experience. AutoCraze has Australia’s best Holden Colorado Accessories and the biggest range. We stock industry leading brands for Wheels, Bumpers, Canopies, Tyres, Headlights and much more.


Holden Colorado Canopy

We both stock products that are OEM quality and above. We have a keen eye for detail and believe quality is key. We supply and fit a Holden Colorado Canopy from several brands and can fit multiple generations of the Holden Colorado. Our range of the Holden Colorado Canopy options are expansive as we can customise it to your preference. We understand every Tradesman, Off-Roader and family use their vehicle in different ways, which is why we tailor this Holden Colorado Accessory for the customer. We can fit custom windows, lining, rails, tub lining, ventilation and more to making access to your equipment or storage that much easier. Sliding windows with Large Lift up windows with twin locking and tinted safety glass can be added to a Holden Colorado Canopy we stock for added privacy, utility and security. The lining options can be customer requested by customers based on the way they use their vehicle, as some customer’s need added capabilities such as durability, waterproofing and extra padding. Generally, Vinyl, Felt and Carpet are used to line the inside of the Holden Colorado Canopy. AutoCraze has stocks the most utilitarian Holden Colorado Accessories. The Holden Colorado Canopy is also fitted subtle rear spoiler above the LED brake light strip. This spoiler is unobtrusive to the OEM design and directs wind to provide more grip on the rear wheels where most of the load is. This provides added traction.


Holden Colorado Bumper Bull Bar

AutoCraze stock the Holden Coloardo Bull Bar by many worldwide brands. It’s an incredibly popular option as it is so versitle and useful. It’s lightweight construction and outstanding rigidity makes it a must have for off-roaders and tradesmen. Added durability, strength and added functionality make Holden Colorado Bull Bars a must on their vehicle. Lightweight and durability is at the forefront of the Holden Colorado Bull Bar brands we stock. Significant strength on the side panels and the front Bumper make the bull bar amongst the must have Holden Colorado Accessories. Lightweight aluminium alloy and other lightweight alloy compounds make up the Holden Colorado Bull Bar we can supply. Original OEM fitting points on the Holden Colorado Accessory mean it will easily fit. The Holden Colorado Bull Bar comes in different finishes and we can even provide customer painting based on customer request. We can match business themes and marketing uses for the Holden Colorado Accessories used.  High quality design, welds and construction are the main benefits along with the possibility of Winch mounts.

Bull bar

Holden Colorado Wheels & Tyres

Holden Colorado Rims come in a range of sizes, colours, finishes and alloys. AutoCraze stocks the best Holden Colorado Accessories and 4X4 Rims and are experts on Wheel and Tyres. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have a combined 40 years of fitment experience. We stock brands such as Grid, Fuel, Rotiform, Black Rhino, Tuff and many more for Passenger, 4X4, Ute and Commercial Vehicles. With over 6000 combinations of wheel and tyre packages, AutoCraze is the only stop for 4X4 rims. Our Holden Colorado Accessory range complements our Holden Colorado 4X4 Rims as we can create packages based on the customer’s requirements. We have 4X4 Rim sizes from 16”-24” and all wheels are load rated and comply with Australian Standards. Picking stronger lighter wheels gives added fuel economy, less tyre and cabin noise, and better handling. AutoCraze stocks Pirelli, Nitto, Achilles, Toyo, BF Goodrich and more. Our 4X4 rims are all fitting and balanced at no extra cost.

Silver Holden Colorado with Helo wheels and Nitto tyres. Close up and wide shot.

Grey Holden Colorado with KMC wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler tyres. Close up and wide shot.

Holden Colorado Lift Kits

An in-house Holden Colorado Accessory is the AutoCraze 2” Lift kit. Give your Holden Colorado the added versatility of added ground clearance and a tougher look. Tackle tougher terrains and keep the underbody of your vehicle safe with an added 2 Inches. It is a great Holden Colorado Accessory because it is fine with a fine-tuned suspension set up with ride comfort and off-road performance in mind. Finding the balance is no easy task, but we have years of experience within the Automotive industry to be able to bring innovative components together for the best product. The 2” Lift Kit by AutoCraze is a staple Holden Colorado Accessory as it is fine-tuned to the quality of Australian roads and environment. It is the perfect Suspension setup for the Holden Colorado.

Holden Colorado with a Tough Dog Lift Kit and AutoCraze springs.