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Good Quality Small Car Tyres



Good Quality Small Car Tyres | Best Performance Tyre Brands 

Looking for good quality small car tyres? AutoCraze has some of the biggest brands in the market, with over 2000 tyres in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for value for money good quality small car tyres or even performance tyres, we have a guide to help you understand more and buy the most appropriate tyre at the lowest prices on the market. With free in-store fitting and balancing available, AutoCraze is your go to shop for good quality small car tyres.


Good Quality Small Car Tyres | Top Tips

Tyre Wear

For good quality small car tyres, the life span of the tyres is an important factor. Depending on what the intended use for the tyres are, a longer lasting tyre would be the best outcome when looking for good quality small car tyres. Tyre wear is a balance between the levels of performance and road conditions. Having a softer tyre means the performance level of the tyre will be high but the tyre lifespan would be shorter. If you are looking for tyres that last long, there's no looking past brands such as Headway or Sumitomo. These good quality small car tyres have been introduced to the market for over 20 years, with every user giving positive feedback.


Noise Levels

Some tyres prove to be annoyingly noisey and when driven on for a long period of time. Inspect some tyres closely and look out for the size of the blocks in the tread varying slightly around the tyres. Each of the block generates noise at a certain frequency, so having different sized blocks helps to ensure that the frequencies cancel each other out leading to less noise. Good quality small car tyres are manufactured so that the noise levels are kept to a minimum. Brands such as Federal or Bridgestone are some of the top brands that have some of the lowest noise level ratings compared to it's competitors.


Performance Levels

If you've got a hot hatch with high performance capabilities, then good quality small car tyres that can handle the power is necessary. Having high levels of grip performance in both dry and wet conditions is ideal for any small car with some power. Cars like the Mercedes AMG A45 or VW Golf need good quality small car tyres that can be used to it's full potential. A good quality tyre features grooves in the tread that optimises the overall rigidity and quickens the initial steering wheel response. Most good quality small car tyres feature a silica based compound in the tyre, improving wet handling and rolling resistance which would save you money in fuel. Some of the biggest high performance brands are offered at AutoCraze at the lowest prices. Brands such as Federal offer some of the best performing tyres in the market.


Ride Quality

The ride quality of good quality small car tyres are a noticeable difference when compared to old worn out tyres. The comfort levels of your tyres are determined by the thickness of the sidewall of the tyres. Luckily, a set of good quality small car tyres will come with a sidewall size that absorbs all the bumps in the roads. With a decent sized sidewall, the tyres would flex on bumps and absorb the energy going through the tyres. Good quality small car tyres such as Continentals have been one of the most popular tyres in regards to ride quality. Continental tyres, a European based company, has been around for decades providing good quality small car tyres for families around the world. The top selling tyre from Continental would be the ContiSport Contact 5, with it's asymmetrical design that infuses a balance of grip, comfort and low noise levels.


Wet Weather 

Good quality small car tyres have improved wet weather grip levels to ensure you and your family is safe on the road. Tyres that perform well in wet conditions have grooved patterns to displace the water between the ground and the rubber on the tyre. If water is not displaced, the car will experience an effect known as hydroplaning which means your car will glide along the wet and slippery road. Good quality small car tyres have deep grooves to effectively displace water and keep you safe on the road. AutoCraze stocks the biggest brand that account for wet weather driving. This includes the biggest names in the industry such as Good Year, which has been a household name in Australia.


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