AutoCraze Ford Ranger Tailgate assist

Get a tailgate assist Ford Ranger and never struggle with your tailgate ever again. Just image this, you're juggling multiple items in your hand while having to open up the rear tailgate of your Ford Ranger. Getting slammed by a massive metal gate.

Never struggle again with a set of Ford Ranger tailgate struts from AutoCraze. They're the perfect solution for anyone struggling with lowering and raising their heavy tailgate.

Wondering why you should get the tailgate assist? They're ideal for anyone that has troubles lifting and lowering their tailgates. The Ford Ranger tailgate helps with the opening speed of your tailgate. Reducing the speed and effort needed to close and open your tailgate. It's so simple that it can be used with one hand.

Grunt 4x4 Accessories 

Unhappy with the current 4x4 accessories on the market hence Grunt 4x4 accessories were created. Through intense research and development, Grunt 4x4 had a vision of creating products that were of high quality and standards that they would want to use on their own vehicle.

Founded in 2009, Grunt 4x4 was established by a couple of off-road enthusiasts in the back of a performance car shop.

Ford Ranger Grunt Tailgate Assist


  • Lighten the load of your heavy dangerous ute tailgate
  • High quality hydraulic dampers with stainless steel fittings
  • Takes 70% of the weight of your tailgate
  • 100% Australian made
  • Simple bolt on kit

FAQ - Ford Ranger Tailgate Assist

What is a tailgate assist?

A tailgate assist is a 4x4 accessory that you install onto the back of your vehicle's tailgate to help assist with lifting and lowering of your tailgate by reducing the weight and force of your tailgate.

How much does a Ford Ranger tailgate assist cost?

A Ford Ranger tailgate assist at AutoCraze will cost you $199.

Installing my tailgate assist

The Ford Ranger tailgate assist does not require any drilling whatsoever but it does require a few tools. If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1800 099 634.

AutoCraze Tailgate Assist

Through years of research and development AutoCraze have developed the next generation tailgate assist. The AutoCraze tailgate assist is the next best thing to hit the market. Designed to reduce the weight of the tailgate with ease. Our advanced AutoCraze tailgate assist is designed to work with a twin strut system that effortlessly lightens the drop of the tailgate by reducing the weight while inclining and reclining.

The best part of the AutoCraze tailgate assist is that it's so easy to install that it requires no drilling.

AutoCraze Exclusive Tailgate Assist


  • Advanced twin strut system
  • Easy no drill install system
  • Two-way strut system
  • Specially designed to mount factory bolts, giving a natural appearance

Never struggle with your tailgate ever again. AutoCraze has found a perfect solution to solve all your struggles with the Ford Ranger tailgate assist. No more heavy tailgates smashing onto you while you're fumbling with your grocery.