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Buy Ford F250 wheels at AutoCraze and save up to 50% Off. AutoCraze is the home to F trucks within the Australian market with 100% fitment guarantee on all Ford F250 wheels and tyres. It doesn’t matter what size or look you’re going for your Ford F250 rims because we’ll always meet and excel your expectations. In order to complete your rig build, have a chat with our 4wd specialists today. With the Ford F250 being made with a tough core, we understand the quality required for your wheels, tyres, and suspension when wanting to go through the toughest of terrains.

Over 6000 Ford F250 rims for sale at AutoCraze from the biggest named brands including Fuel, Grid, KMC, Moto Metal, and much more to choose from. Stocking only the highest quality load rated 4×4 Ford F250 wheels in the market. Choose from over 50 different finishes for your Ford F250 rims such as matte black, gloss black, chrome, satin black, bronze, and loads more.

►About the Ford F250 

The Ford F250 is the heavy-duty truck you’ll want to show off to your crew. Its brutish power and payload capacity remains as its key traits of being one of the toughest trucks out there in the market. Coming with two engine options of a 6.2L V8 and a six-speed automatic 6.7L turbo-diesel V8.

The Ford F250 comes in three different models such as the Ford F-250 XL, Ford F-250XLT and the  Ford F-250 Ranch. Some of the main features you may notice with the Ford F-250 is its high-strength, military-grade, aluminium-alloy body. Not only is it stronger and tougher than its previous models, it’s also remarkably lighter.

If you’re looking for a tough work-horse for both the weekday and the weekend then you’ve chosen the right vehicle. The Ford F-250’s latest model is fully based frame, built with over 95 percent of high-strength steel with up to 10 cross members.

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Ford F250 Wheels for sale at AutoCraze! 




Wheels: Fuel Assault
Size Available: 17″ | 18″ | 20″ | 22″
Finish Available: Gloss Black Milled Accents | Matte Black Milled Accents


Moto Metal is another one of our extensive brands of F250 wheels. With its American origins tracing back to the F truck’s heritage, the brute force of this Wheel can carry the F Beast anywhere. These wheels were made to be matched with the durable chassis and incredible suspension of these trucks. Leading innovation within the brand Moto Metal holds sizes ranging from 16″ to 24″ allow you to stand out with bigger wheels or bash through with bigger rubber.

White Ford F250 with Moto Metal MO970 Gloss Black Machined Face Wheels front shot

White Ford F250 with Moto Metal MO970 Gloss Black Machined Face Wheels front fitment shot

White Ford F250 with Moto Metal MO970 Gloss Black Machined Face Wheels rear shot

Wheels: Moto Metal MO970
Finishes Available: Gloss Black Machined Face | Satin Black Milled Accents
Sizes Available: 17″ | 18″ | 20″
Wheels Width: 8″ | 9″


The XD Series by KMC have mastered F250 wheels. Their finishes vary in many different colours in order for the consumer to find the exact look they are chasing. Their styles go from plain spoke designs for anyone after the aggressive look. And sleek bizarre designs for the weekender show pony. Their American origin is the correct match from 16″ to 24″ wheels, whether you decide to go with a cast wheel or a custom made set.



Wheels: KMC Snare
Finishes Available: Satin Black | Gloss Black Grey Tint
Sizes Available: 20″

►Ford F250 Tyres 

Are you looking for a set of beefy tyres to suit your Ford F250? then you’re in luck because AutoCraze has over 3000 tyres to choose from. We understand how hard to can be looking for a set of Ford F250 wheels and tyres within the Australian market. That’s why at AutoCraze we strive to be your one-stop shop for all your 4wd needs from wheels, tyres, suspension and even 4wd accessories.

AutoCraze stocks all the biggest named brands including BF Goodrich, Nitto, Toyo, Pirelli, Achilles, and more. With tyres to suit all types of needs and performances. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a highway tyre, all-terrain, or even mud terrain. We have it all at the best prices.

Save even more when you buy a Ford F250 wheels and tyres package from AutoCraze. All wheel and tyre packages at AutoCraze are fitted and balanced at no extra cost with free shipping* Australia-wide.

Types of 4wd tyres

[Pictured above is the different type of Ford F250 tyres available at AutoCraze]

Why shop with AutoCraze for Ford F150 wheels and tyres?

AutoCraze offers its customers exceptional service providing them with over 6000 wheels. Along with this, in-house 4WD Specialists provide quality work with Ford F150 wheels whether in-store at the Silverwater location or being shipped across the country. A few features offered by Autocraze include:

►12 Months Interest-Free Finance
►100% Guarantee Correct Fitment the First Time
►Free Fitment & Balancing on all Wheel Packages
►All Wheels Are Load Rated
►Compliance with Australian Standards
►Over 300 Fitting and Balancing Partners across Australia

►Ford F250 Suspension Lift Kits 

Showcase 4x4 Lift Kits AutoCraze

Lift your ride with Ford F250 4×4 suspension lift kits at AutoCraze. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, you’re guaranteed to get the best possible service. Stocked with top brands such as Dobinsons, Ironman 4×4, Tough Dog, EFS, Fox, Bilstein and our very own AutoCraze lift kit. Find the perfect setup for your Ford F250 today with our extensive range of wheels, tyres, suspension lift kits, and 4wd accessories.