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Ford Falcon Wheels at AutoCraze: Upgrade Your Ride with Style and Performance


The Ford Falcon, a quintessential Australian car, has a rich legacy that spans several decades and various models. Its wheels are a crucial aspect of its performance and visual appeal. 

To cater to the diverse preferences of Falcon owners, AutoCraze has emerged as a leading retailer, offering an expansive selection of Ford Falcon wheels. 

They provide wheels in sizes from 18 to 20 inches, which caters to a range of looks and driving needs.

AutoCraze prides itself on supplying a variety of quality wheel brands suitable for the Ford Falcon. Their range includes reputable brands such as Mason, Rotiform, and Simmons, ensuring that every Falcon owner can find the wheels that perfectly match their vehicle's style and performance requirements. 

Beyond aesthetics, the retailer ensures that all wheels meet strict load rating standards and are suitable for the Falcon, guaranteeing both safety and fitment satisfaction.


Key Takeaways

  • AutoCraze offers an extensive range of wheel sizes and brands for Ford Falcon owners.
  • Safety and correct fitment are prioritised with all Ford Falcon wheels sold at AutoCraze.
  • Expertise and customer service are integral to the AutoCraze experience, providing value to Falcon owners.

History and Evolution of the Ford Falcon Wheels


The wheels of the Ford Falcon have rolled through history, reflecting significant styling shifts and performance advancements, particularly in the Australian-designed models since its inception.

The Legacy of the Ford Falcon Series

The Falcon series introduced by Ford has a storied heritage that dates back to the early 1960s. 

Notably, by the 1970s, models such as the XY GT HO Phase III boasted some of the fastest wheels on a production sedan globally. Throughout the Falcon's life, the wheels consistently mirrored Ford's dedication to delivering both performance and style to the Australian driver.

Transformations From XC to XF and EA to EL

During the evolution from the XC through to the XF series, and later from the EA to EL models, the Falcon's wheels reflected broader changes in design and capability. 

In these iterations, the wheels transitioned from muscular steel hubs of the 70s and 80s to the more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient alloys, aligning with the globally shifting priorities of the 80s and 90s.

The Rise of the FPV Models

The introduction of Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) brought high-performance wheels that matched the upgraded power and road presence of these vehicles. 

FPV Falcon variants such as the FPV GT heralded a new era of Falcons with wheels that were not just about utility but an integral part of the car's racing DNA. They were equipped with alloys designed to handle the heftier demands of a performance vehicle while also contributing to its aggressive aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Ford Falcon Wheels


When it comes to upgrading or replacing wheels for a Ford Falcon, AutoCraze provides a selection tailored for the perfect fit, performance, and style. These wheels are made to match the distinctive specifications of Ford Falcon models.

Understanding Wheel Fitment and Size

Proper fitment is essential as it ensures the wheels align correctly with the vehicle's suspension and bodywork. 

Ford Falcon owners should look for wheels that adhere to the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) specifications for bolt pattern, wheel offset, and hub bore size to guarantee compatibility. 

Popular sizes for these wheels include 17", 18", 19", and 20", providing owners with a range of options for achieving the desired look and functionality.

Load Rating and Performance Considerations

It's crucial that the selected Ford Falcon wheels have the appropriate load rating to handle the vehicle's weight and performance demands. 

AutoCraze ensures that all wheels are load rated and fit for the Falcon, maintaining safety and handling integrity. 

This involves a careful selection process, aligning wheel strength to both everyday use and performance scenarios.

Material and Construction: Alloy 

AutoCraze offers a variety of alloy wheels which are preferred for their optimal balance between strength and weight. 

Alloy wheels are lighter, enhancing the driving experience and fuel efficiency while also providing aesthetic appeal. 

Frequently Asked Questions Ford Falcon Wheels


AutoCraze provides a vast selection of Ford Falcon wheels, catering to various styles and budget considerations. A detailed look at customer queries can offer much-needed insight for prospective buyers.

What is the price range for Ford Falcon wheels at AutoCraze?

Prices for Ford Falcon wheels at AutoCraze vary, typically offering savings of up to 50%. The actual cost depends on the size, design, and material of the chosen wheels.

How do user reviews rate Ford Falcon wheels from AutoCraze?

User reviews often highlight the quality and variety of Ford Falcon wheels available at AutoCraze, applauding the store's extensive collection and competitive prices.

What size options are available for Ford Falcon wheels at AutoCraze?

AutoCraze stocks a range of sizes for Ford Falcon wheels, ensuring there are options to suit different models and preferences.

Can I find 18-inch rims for a Ford Falcon at AutoCraze?

Yes, 18-inch rims for the Ford Falcon are available at AutoCraze, providing owners with the opportunity to upgrade their vehicle's appearance and performance.

Are there black wheel options for the Ford Falcon at AutoCraze?

AutoCraze offers an assortment of black wheel options for the Ford Falcon, catering to customers seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic for their vehicle.

What is the stud pattern specification for Ford Falcon wheels?

The stud pattern for Ford Falcon wheels typically follows Ford's standard specifications. 

It is crucial for customers to verify the exact pattern needed for their particular Falcon model.

AutoCraze’s Selection of Ford Falcon Wheels


AutoCraze provides a meticulous selection of Ford Falcon wheels, where variety meets precision in fitment and style. Customers are presented with a broad selection from top brands and exclusive deals.

Exploring Top Brands and Styles

AutoCraze stocks an impressive range of wheels from renowned manufacturers known for their quality and design. 

Brands like Simmons, TSW, Koya, and SSW offer styles from classic to contemporary that cater to different tastes. 

The iconic Simmons FR-1 wheel revolutionises the classic design for the modern Falcon, while Koya and TSW wheels present cutting-edge styles that enhance aesthetics and performance.

Benefits of Staggered Sets and Finishes

A staggered wheel set-up is available, providing an aggressive stance and improved traction, where the rear wheels are wider than the front. 

Finishes such as gloss black, matte black, and chrome add personalised touches to a Falcon, reflecting an owner’s style and vehicle usage. 

These options are tailored to ensure 100% fitment guarantee, enhancing not only the car’s look but also its driving dynamics.

Exclusive Deals and Guarantees at AutoCraze

Shoppers at AutoCraze benefit from best prices guaranteed and a promise of guaranteed fitment

With deals that underscore value, like interest-free finance options, customers can access premium wheels without compromise. 

AutoCraze’s commitment extends beyond sales, ensuring customers drive away confidently, with their Ford Falcon’s appearance and performance distinctly elevated.

Enhancing Your Falcon with Accessories and Services


When upgrading a Ford Falcon, AutoCraze’s extensive catalogue of wheels and accessories combined with expert services can elevate the vehicle’s appeal and performance.

Maximising Aesthetics with Wheel Accessories

AutoCraze prides itself on a diverse selection of mag wheels designed to enhance the Ford Falcon’s aesthetics. 

Customers can choose from luxury to sporty styles that complement their personal taste. 

Tyres are a crucial part of the package, with brands ranging from Michelin to Toyo available. 

Each accessory intended for the Falcon is crafted to add a distinctive touch, ensuring your vehicle stands out on the road. 

The online store also provides a free installation kit with every purchase, which supports do-it-yourself enthusiasts in upgrading their wheels with ease.

Professional Fitting, Balancing, and Financing Options

AutoCraze’s team has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, ensuring professional fitting and balancing services for their customers. 

Not only does the company offer these expert services, but they also provide interest-free finance options, making upgrades accessible without financial strain. 

Customers can also benefit from worry-free shipping with free shipping Australia-wide on many items. 

For added peace of mind, secure payments are guaranteed, and comprehensive terms and conditions can be easily accessed via their contact channels.

Call 1800 099 634 to order your set of Ford Falcon wheels at AutoCraze today!