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dobinson leaf spring navara d40





Tackle the great outdoors with a set of Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40 kit! AutoCraze has on offer Dobinsons Springs & Suspension accessories for your tough Nissan. Dobinsons range of leaf springs includes stock replacement, raised, rear medium, Heavy duty and super heavy duty. There are multiple options available, so we will be able to meet the requirements that YOU want. Manufactured to international quality standards ISO9001:2008 and TS 16949 using premium grade Sup 9 silicon manganese spring steel, Dobinson leaf spring Navara D40 kits are made to world leading quality standards.


Dobinsons Springs & Suspension was established in 1953, with several generations of family ownership and experiences, Dobinson has become one of the leaders in the spring industry. Dobinson Springs pride themselves on having the largest range of 4x4 spring and suspension in the world. Applying years of knowledge into their products, the success of the business has come about providing quality products, use of technical knowledge and having the equipment to do so, to provide professional service.


Leaf Springs | Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40 


High Quality Spring Steel

Dobinson leaf spring Navara D40 kits are manufactured from only the highest quality raw materials providing the longest life under the harshest conditions. The medium springs constant rate is 100kg, heavy duty is 250kg and super heavy duty is 380kg constant for those serious rock crawlers.


Dobinson leaf spring Navara D40 kits are designed specifically for the Navara D40, with preferences for the vehicles load and height. The spring design is the most important step in manufacturing a leaf spring and with over 60 years designing and manufacturing, Dobinsons understand the importance of this. Design features include Drawn, tapered and thinned leaf ends for even stress distribution over the entire spring pack. The 2 stage spring design for the rear of most vehicles achieve optimum ride and handling both laden and unladen and carefully selected leaf lengths and thickness’s to maximize the spring life, comfort, load carrying capacity, wheel travel and performance. Inaccurate leaf lengths will concentrate stress in one particular area and will cause premature sagging or breaking.

Multiple Options

Dobinsons offer multiple options to best suit the customers Navara needs, ranging from a 10mm lift to 40mm. This ensures the correct spring rate is matched for the vehicle and accessories added, and provides a raised height where applicable without going beyond the safe design requirements to enhance performance, load carrying capacity and off-road ability without compromising safety.

Military Wrappers

Where possible Dobinsons leaf springs utilize full military wrappers and full length wrappers to provide additional support to the main leaf and improve safety.

Anti-friction Inter Leaf Liners

Anti-Friction inter leaf liners are use to reduce the friction at each leaf end where the load is created and provides a smoother, quieter ride. So whether you are commuting to work daily or touring on the weekend, you will get the best of both worlds.

High Strength Alignment Clips

Dobinson leaf spring Navara D40 kits feature high strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise. Nyloc nuts are also featured on bolted clips to prevent loosening off nuts which can cause tyre damage.

Shotpeend and Scragged

Each Dobinson leaf spring Navara D40 kit is shotpeened on the tension side of each life and completely scragged. This dramatically reduces the chance of sagging and breakage and doubles the expected working life of the spring. Random sampling from production is then also durability tested to ensure Dobinsons leaf springs will outlast the competitors. It is important to remember that a spring supports weight and sets the vehicle ride height, it determines the optimum limits of the suspension travel and is a major contributor to the vehicle’s ride and handling. But a spring cannot operate effectively without a correctly matched shock absorber.


Coil Springs | Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40 

Dobinsons Springs and Suspension kits include heavy duty gas shock absorbers, raised height coil springs, raised leaf springs, greasable shackles, U bolts, Spring bushes and steering dampers for your Nissan. Avoiding the 'one size fits all' scenario, Dobinsons Springs and Suspension ensures the customer receives the right spring, correct spring rates and ride heights to suit their application. When matched with a set of corresponding Dobinsons Heavy Duty Gas Shock Absorbers, Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40 packages can provide you with unrivaled performance and handling, having a staggering presence on-road & off-road.



Shock Absorber | Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40

The shock absorber consists of low pressure nitrogen gas which eliminates aeration within the oil reservoir, meaning no bouncing, sloppiness nor deterioation of ride. The tough twin  tube design can hold a larger volume of oil keeping the internal workings cooler. it features teflonned piston rings, special anti-bumps stops and polyurethane paint to increase the life of the shock. The valve stacking system controls dampening and enhances safety and comfort while the valve coding maximises off-road and on-road performance.


Alignments & Suspension Components | Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40

When raised suspension has been fitted to a vehicle it can alter the vehicles suspension, brakes and steering geometry and in some cases this requires additional suspension components to ensure the vehicles handling and performance isn’t compromised. This is espeically important in vehicles fitted with larger lift kits. some of these components are: Castor bush kits, sway bar extensions, panhard rods, castor plate kits, brake proportioning valve extensions, strut caps & driveline and suspension component spacers. So however YOU would like your car to sit, lifted, lower or wider, at AutoCraze we can help you do it!



 AutoCraze | Dobinson Leaf Spring Navara D40 

Autocraze is the ultimate provider of Dobinsons Springs & Accessories. AutoCraze is proudly Australian owned and stocks over 4000 wheels, tyres, suspension & packages from leading brands including Tough Dog, FOX, BC Racing, K sport, Advanti, Ballistic, RAYS, BBS, Concave Concept, KMC, CSA, SSW, Simmons, TSW, OX, V8, Gram Lights, King Wheels, Black Rhino, KOYA and many more! We are passionate about delivering quality products, with the best customer service across Australia. It’s an indescribable feeling getting a new set of wheels, tyres & springs. It is like you’re driving in a completely new car with new capabilities of enhanced steering, precision and control. Reigniting the passion you had with your car when you first laid eyes on it.

Find your perfect set of suspension, wheels and tyres at AutoCraze, call 1800 099 634 today!


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