Are you looking to improve handling, lower your ride, or complete your track car? You can’t look past coil-over suspension. Used for years in race cars, coil-over suspension is a great way to help achieve a balanced car in the ways of looks or handling.


There are many things to take into consideration when looking at purchasing coil-overs. What is the car being used for? Do you want a firm ride or a factory feeling ride? Plus many other questions.


The good thing about coil-overs is that they can cover everything, from street cars to show cars and track cars. There is so much adjustability that they can be set up for virtually anything. There are three main adjustments that coil-overs involve.

  • Ride height
  • Spring preload
  • Dampener adjustment

Spring preload is normally set from factory with most coil-overs. Height adjustment and dampener adjustment is what really needs adjusting on a street/weekend car. This should all be adjusted by a professional.

Everyone’s preference is different. Some want the car to be as low as possible, some want a slight drop to concentrate more on handling. Coil-overs give you this range of adjustments with ease.


Here at AutoCraze, we can supply a range of coil-over kits to suit most makes and models. Brands include:


Plus many more!!

If you’re in the Sydney region, we can also fit the coil-overs for you at our workshop in Castle Hill. All supply and fit prices include fitting and adjusting the coil-overs and also a wheel alignment, essential after the installation to help give you a sweet handling package and make sure your wheels are pointing straight.


If you have more questions or want to know about pricing on coil-overs to suit your ride, contact us on 1800 099 634 or email us at customerservice@autocraze.com.au