Cleaning Mag Wheels

Cleaning Mag Wheels | Best Advice on Cleaning Alloy Rims

Cleaning Mag Wheels is a chore that no one likes but needs to do. It’s something to maximise the full potential of the look of your car and ultimately a shame if you can never show off what’s underneath all that dirt and grime. It’s pretty difficult especially in Australia, where the dirt and dust from the outback drift on in. At Autocraze, we have some of the cleanest and easiest to maintain Mag Wheels. Not only that, but our knowledgeable staff have some of the best advice on how to keep the cleanest looking mag wheels for longer. That is one of the many reason that Autocraze has some of the best customer service for Mag Wheels at the best prices. You can count on that.


Cleaning Mag Wheels can be considered a love, hate relationship. It’s the type of thing that gives you pain but when it’s done it gives you pleasure. Depending how long it lasts is up to you where you drive and how you avoid curbs. Sometimes you can’t help but scratch it, dirty it or dent it.   At Autocraze, we are excited and energetic to speak to people with first world Cleaning Mag Wheels problems. We know its tough and we are always looking for ways to show off your car even in the busy seasons where cleaning your car is near impossible. Our Mag Wheels are some of the most hard yakka, resistant and tough Mag Wheels on the market. Our merchandise all come Australian standard approved and load rated.

You’ll find the cleanest Mag Wheels  that are easy to clean and maintain on Autocraze. We stock them in an excellent range of styles from our suppliers at Versus, TSW, Inovit, Ballistic, ATX, Ox and an insane amount more.

Autocraze’s main objective is to make sure the buying experience is as quick and easy as possible. This will be done by implementing the following standards;

1. Guaranteed Fitment – Right The First Time; No fitment issues when you order from us
2. Best Prices Guaranteed
3. All Wheels Load Rated
4. Free Installation Kit – Free with all wheels and wheel and tyre packages purchased
5. Expert Knowledge of Products
6. Dedicated Customer Service Team
7. Largest Selection of Wheels on the Market – Over 50 Brands of wheels ranging from 15-22 inches
8. Biggest Brands in Business
9. Wheel Fitment Range – Our wheels will fit cars from 1950’s up until the newest luxury cars on the market
10. Worry Free Shipping – All items purchased will be packaged securely and handheld with great care. All packaging will be certified by our Quality Assured Team
11. Free Shipping Australia-wide (conditions apply)

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