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Affordable Alloy Rims & Tyre Bundles | Top-tier Quality

Affordable 4WD Wheel Solutions


Discover an array of budget-friendly wheels for your four-wheel drive, featuring top brands like Fuel, KMC, and Black Rhino. These affordable yet durable options are built to withstand off-road rigours, upholding the balance between cost-effectiveness and performance. Available in various sizes and negative offsets, these wheels are specifically tailored for 4X4 and SUV enthusiasts.

Thrifty JDM Wheel Selections


Transient trends in JDM wheels don't necessarily entail a hefty price tag. Catering to both upper-market and economical selections, a comprehensive collection ensures style without compromise. Speedy Wheels stands out for their exceptional value, with multifaceted designs ranging from 15 to 22 inches—ideal for various vehicle types. Expect a kaleidoscope of finishes like candy apple red and electric blue to capture attention without breaking the bank.

Efficient European Wheel Assortment


Dip into the world of affordable European elegance with Koya wheels, offering a blend of luxury and performance. The SF range by Koya consists of Semi-Forged wheels, priding on lighter, stronger, and competitively priced options that cater to a diverse fleet – embodying sophistication for European and domestic vehicles alike.

The AutoCraze Approach

The assortment at AutoCraze boasts over 6000 wheels and 3000 tyres, the most extensive collection in Australia, accommodating a spectrum of preferences and financial plans. With brands like Koya, Simmons, and Rotiform, every taste and requirement is met.

Tailored Fitment Assurance

Shopping convenience is amplified with a fitment guarantee ensuring every purchase sits perfectly on your vehicle. This online and in-store confidence stems from a meticulously compiled database of wheel and tyre fitment.

In-House Expertise

The AutoCraze team, equipped with over three decades of industry experience, offers unmatched advice for an optimal selection that adheres to Australian standards. Whether over the phone or via email, these specialists deliver exceptional guidance and customer service.

Complimentary Fitting Services

Ease the financial burden with free fitting and balancing for any wheel and tyre set, coupled with a gratis installation kit, curbing any added outlay upon delivery.

Australian Standard Adherence

Every product is assured to be load rated and in full compliance with national standards for quality and vehicle safety.

Nationwide Free Shipping

Capitalise on the additional savings with free nationwide shipping to selected metro areas*, subject to terms and conditions. Packed with care, your items arrive pristine and ready for installation.

National Network of Fitting Partners

With over 300 fitting and balancing partners spread across Australia, AutoCraze ensures a convenient and professional service regardless of your locale.

Common Questions About Affordable Wheels

Entry-Level Rim Pricing

One can expect a varied range in cost when it comes to entry-level rims. These typically start from:

  • Budget: $100 to $150 per rim
  • Mid-range: $150 to $250 per rim
  • Premium brands may begin at prices well above $250 per rim

It's important to note that the material, brand, and finishing processes contribute to these differences in price.

Sources for Budget-Friendly Wheel and Tyre Bundles

Affordable wheel and tyre packages can be located at:

  • Local tyre shops offering seasonal discounts
  • Online tyre retailers with exclusive deals
  • Warehouse-style retailers purchasing in bulk and passing on savings
  • Used tyre outlets providing cost-effective solutions

Determining Wheel Expense

Several variables influence the cost of new wheels, including:

  • Material (alloy, steel, carbon fibre)
  • Production technique (cast, forged)
  • Brand reputation and warranty conditions
  • Complexity of design and finish

Finding Cost-Efficient Wheels on the Web

To identify the most competitively priced wheels online, one should:

  • Compare prices across multiple e-commerce platforms
  • Look for customer reviews to assess quality and satisfaction
  • Check for clearance sales or refurbished options
  • Examine shipping costs as they may affect the overall price

Price Variation Amongst 18-inch Wheels and Other Dimensions

There exist notable price discrepancies between 18-inch wheels and wheels of other sizes because:

  • Larger wheels often require more material and intricate machining
  • Popularity and demand can drive up prices of certain sizes
  • Smaller wheels may be cheaper due to less material usage and broader compatibility

Reasons Behind the Wide Price Range for Wheels

Wheel prices vary significantly due to:

  • Material scarcity and global market fluctuations
  • Technological advancements in wheel manufacturing
  • Customisation options and limited-edition models
  • Brand positioning and target market segmentation

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