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  1. Honda ZR-V Wheels

    In the world of automotive enthusiasts, there’s something undeniably thrilling about upgrading your ride. It’s not just about adding horsepower or tweaking the engine; sometimes, it’s the subtle changes that make the most significant impact. One of the easiest and most visually striking ways to transform your Honda ZR-V is by upgrading its wheels. And […]

  2. Suzuki Jimny wheels

    Are you looking for a set of wheels for your Suzuki Jimny? then you’ve come to the right place. AutoCraze offers the largest range of high-quality Suzuki Jimny wheels from all the biggest brands wheels from across the globe. AutoCraze offers wheels from brands such as Black Rhino, Nomad, King, Fuel, KMC and loads more […]

  3. 1000 days interest free finance

    *Minimum spend may apply. Available to approved applicants only. Minimum monthly repayments are required. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment amount will generally not repay a purchase within the interest free period. Any balance outstanding at the expiry of the interest free period for the purchase will be charged interest at the standard annual percentage […]

  4. Skoda Octavia Wheels

    Add a new style to your Skoda Octavia this year with Autocraze! AUTOCRAZE prides themselves to having one of the largest inventories in Australian with wheels getting updated every week, so you don’t miss out! Stocking some of the worlds biggest brands including Inforged wheels, Speedy, King, SSW, and many more! Giving you the freedom […]

  5. 4wd Accessories Sydney

    Looking to spicy up that sweet ride of yours? look no further than Autocraze! Autocraze has helped thousands of people to turn that stock vehicle and turn it into its true dream, because after all, that’s what we do, turning dreams into reality since 2K15. Autocraze has a wide variety of accessories ranging from small […]

  6. Tonneau Cover

    Are you looking for a tonneau cover for your pride and joy. Then you’re in luck, AutoCraze offers a wide range of high-quality tonneau covers for sale. AutoCraze have gone through the process of sourcing and testing for the highest quality tonneau cover to sell to our beloved customers. Give us a call on 1800 […]

  7. Range Rover Vogue Wheels

    Just call us on 1800 099 634 and our friendly and tyre specialist will be happy to assist you and find the perfect wheels for your Range Rover Vague. A little about the Range Rover Vogue Although it looks imitating, it has never been equalled to in any way since the 1970s. The type of […]

  8. King Zombie Wheels

    King Wheels are the royalty of Mag Wheels. King Wheels have some of the most unique looks in SUV, 4×4 Wheels and performance wheels available. They have such a wide range of products that suit the diverse Australian environment. They have scientifically constructed their products to withstand the harsh outback terrain for off-road enthusiasts as […]


  10. Wheel Brands

    The KMC XD series thrives on dirt and any off-road terrains. They are built to withstand everything. Designed for chaos of extra-duty off-road racing. Lightweight, strong, and race-tested. The KMC XD wheels are equipped to take on the next challenge. See KMC XD wheels for more information Grid Off-Road wheels are designed for those who […]

  11. Wheel Alignment & Tyre Balancing

    Wheel Alignment | Tyre Balancing Wheel Alignment and Tyre Balancing are pivotal for ensuring optimum grip for the safety of the driver and passengers, along with preservation of vehicle components and tires. Wheel Alignment plays a major role in the safety of the vehicle and how the vehicle drives. Specialised equipment is used to adjust […]


    Buy Holden Colorado Lift Kit at AutoCraze. AutoCraze stock some of the biggest names including Bilstein, Tough Dog, Dobinsons, etc for your Colorado. Without a lift kit in your Colorado, you are missing out on a huge potential and some off charts off-roading. Going off-roading in Australia is one of the best adventures, one can experience. […]

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