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  1. Nissan Navara Bull Bar

    Shop your Nissan Navara bull bar at AutoCraze. Stocked with all the biggest named brand bull bars under one roof. AutoCraze has bull bar brands including Rival 4×4, Hamer 4×4, SLX, Off-Road Animal, and loads more. Don’t look anywhere else if you’re looking to get a bull bar fitted onto your Nissan Navara. AutoCraze has […]

  2. Audi R8 Wheels

    Audi R8 Are you looking for Audi R8 wheels, that will add to the beauty you already have? You have come to the right place. Autocraze has you and your needs covered for all wheels that fit your car. Get more for your money’s worth. At Autocraze we don’t only sell performance parts we also […]

  3. Tesla Model Y Wheels

    Do you have a Tesla model Y and want the best wheels for it? then come on down to Autocraze. We have an extensive range of new wheels for your car and many sizes and finishes to go with it. From custom offsets to your stock standards, As a bonus, we can supply and fit suspension […]

  4. Volkswagen T-Roc Wheels

    Do you want to show off your Volkswagen T-Roc but you’re not sure where to start, then check out Autocraze; your one-stop shop for all your car needs. We have over 10,000 wheels and tyre options for you to choose from and we have everything from custom offsets to your stock standards. And that’s not […]

  5. Volvo XC40 Recharge Wheels

    Show off your Volvo in style, the vehicles built like tanks and handles like war machines. And there’s no place better to get it styled than Autocraze, We have the over 10000 options for you to choose from and we have everything from custom offsets to your stock standards. And that’s not all, we also have a […]

  6. Rotiform WGR Wheels

    (photo by Fitment Industries) Prepare to be amazed once you install a set of Rotiform WGR wheels on your vehicle. The 100% American made wheel is now available at Autocraze, and as the official distributor of Rotiform wheels, this cast monoblock wheel topped with a raw forging process is now taking our dealership by storm. […]

  7. Nomad Ramazan Wheels

    Shop the Nomad Ramazan wheels today and save up to 50% off. The Nomad Ramazan wheels are the latest range of wheels to come from the Nomad wheels range. These wheels will truly make your head turn on the road and off-road. Tested in the harshest Australian conditions these wheels are made tough and durable. […]

  8. Mason ZR5 Wheels

    Shop the hottest wheels on the market to date. The brand new Mason ZR5 wheels have just landed in Australia. Rocking the classic JDM wheels with style you don’t want to miss out on these wheels. About Mason Wheels Mason  Wheels is proudly owned by Autocraze, we wanted to provide customers with what was missing […]

  9. Mason ZR4 wheels

    Driven by a passion for the automotive, AutoCraze has always had the latest styles and design from brands around the world. We excel in ensuring fitment with our 100% fitment guarantee. Won’t fit? we have you covered. So why not take our experience and knowledge of the industry to the drawing board and create our […]

  10. Rotiform ZMO Wheels

    Spice up your life with a set of Rotiform ZMO wheels, now available at Autocraze. Born in the USA and now taking the world by storm, you’ll find it very hard to away from these bad boys. As the official distributor of Rotiform wheels, you can now purchase this cast monoblock wheel garnished with a […]

  11. BMW 1 Series F40 Wheels

    Do you want the best wheels for your BMW 1 series f40? then head down to Autocraze. We are one of biggest wheel dealerships in Australia and we have an extensive range of new wheels and many sizes and finishes to go with it, from custom offsets to your stock standards. And as a bonus, […]

  12. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Wheels

    Turn your Alfa Romeo Stelvio into a work of art when you shop at Autocraze. We are your one-stop-shop for all your car needs and accessories. With over 10000 options available and a 100% fitment guarantee, you’ll be covered every step of the way. We have everything from custom offsets to your stock standards as […]

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