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  1. What are the Benefits of Coilovers?

    The construction of a single coilovers is relatively simple. They get their name by placing the coil or spring over the shock absorber, thus the name coil OVER. The spring is responsible for holding the weight of the vehicle while still allowing the wheels to move up and down in response to the road. The […]
  2. Why Should I Buy Coilovers?

    Adding a set of coilovers to your ride is one of the most significant upgrades you can do. With their ability to adjust to work with any driving style, they are sure to spruce up anything from a day out on the track to a spirited drive on country roads. OEM suspension is largely none […]
  3. Get the Right Altitude for Your Ride: Adjustable Coilover Suspensions, Shocks and Springs

    Looking good that's what we all want. Looking good while doing it good: that's the ultimate auto euphoria. I am going to attempt to explain the ups and downs, and the differences between stationary coilover suspensions, and adjustable coilover suspensions. Let's break down the performance suspension for the newcomer. For your car to perform better […]
  4. Wondering Whether to Buy Lowering Springs or Coilovers for Your Car?

    Wondering Whether to Buy Lowering Springs or Coilovers for Your Car? Since each one has its own basic advantages and disadvantages we fully understand how difficult it is to come to a final decision when it comes to coilovers vs lowering springs. Even though lowering springs have been around longer, coil over springs have slowly […]
  5. Lowering Your Car - What You'll Need

    Lowering your car is a great way to improve style and flair. You'll also notice better fuel consumption, surprisingly. However, style and performance are the two main reasons to drop your car to the asphalt. Lowering your ride's center of gravity will help it handle better in tight turns and in general driving. However, you […]
  6. Coilover Shocks

    Coilover Shocks | Best Coilover Shocks For Sale Australia  Your Coilover shocks is perhaps the most important part of your vehicle. Whether you're using your vehicle for a daily commute or take it out onto the track, you need the right suspension parts to give you the perfect ride. Some setups will give you a […]
  7. Coilovers

    COILOVERS | TOP BRAND SPRINGS, SUSPENSION, LOWERING AUSTRALIA | AUTOCRAZE Buy coilovers at AutoCraze! At AutoCraze we're the suspension specialists with over 30 years combined industry experience. We stock the biggest brands including K-Sport, XYZ, BC racing and lots more! Coilovers are one of the best modifications you can do to your car. For the best suspension […]

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