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  1. SSW Venom wheels

    Much like the Venom himself, these wheels are out of this world. These wheels are the SSW Dominate’s smaller sibling and made for smaller cars as well. It features the “Y” spoke design which is quite common in the market, but its features higher steps in return. About SSW Stamford Sports Wheels has been producing […]

  2. Enkei Osaka Wheels

    (Photo by Enkei Wheels USA) Looking for a wheel that is lightweight and unique that it can turn heads as well as disappear from their vision in a heartbeat. For all the importĀ drivers out there, these are the wheels are for you: The Enkei Osaka. And Enkei also developed these wheels with the same technology […]

  3. Dodge Nitro Wheels

    Photo credit by Zarik Werth, Pinterest Have you ever watch the show “Pimp my Ride” and ask yourself why did they cancel it and if there are any places around Sydney that can do that. Well then look no further than Autocraze, your ideal shop for finding the best wheels for your Dodge Nitro. You’ll […]

  4. Ford Explorer Wheels

    Photo by Top Speed Motors Now its time to review one of the best things to come out of America since the movie “Gone with the Wind”. I’m talking about the Ford Explorer, the SUV that’s been taking the world by storm since the 90s. And if you are looking for wheels that match the […]

  5. Inforged IFG32 Wheels

    Photo by Classic Devil Hong Kong If this close up didn’t grab your attention then I don’t know what will. This is the new IFG32 from the Inforged brand It’s one of those wheels that combine luxury, performance and style. Just by having a set of theĀ IFG32 wheels on your car, you will surely be […]

  6. Inforged IFG11 Wheels

    Photo by Drive2U Ukraine Do you feel like a star today (this is why I don’t do comedy)? BecauseĀ if you do, then you will love the new IFG11 wheels from Inforged that are taking Australia by storm. Just look at its clean polished look and its unique 5 split-spoke system, perfect for anyone who enjoys […]

  7. Inforged IFG41 wheels

      Photo by Drive2U Moscow wheels DO you wantĀ something that can enhance his car’s performance, but still looks classy as a fifth avenue diamond. Just look at the IFG41 wheels above on the Lexus IF250 and speak for yourself. For this customer, a set of 18″ inches should do the trick and be fitted onto […]

  8. Inforged IFG40 wheels

    Now time for the abstract art to take the podium and in this case it is the IFG40. Just looking at its unique 5 splits spoke pattern and its clean silver finish. Although it looksĀ like a spider web drawn by Pablo Picasso orĀ a Spiderman logo drawn by Jackson Pollock, the IFG40 wheel is for all […]

  9. Inforged IFG17 Wheels

    Photo by Inforged Drives Moscow The genre class has never looked so good and nothing suits it more than the IFG17. TheseĀ wheels with it 5 split-spoke patternĀ and clean look are for the people who dress like James Bond yet roll like DMX, pretty much like a movie star on his way to the next charity […]

  10. Inforged IFG27 wheels

    Now its time for a wheel that will make Pablo Piccaso look down from the stars.Ā  I’m talking about the IFG27, one of the newest wheels from Inforged. Stunning, elegant and shiny as a Fifth Avenue diamond, you can be sure to stand out rather than fit in when behind the wheel. Although I can’t […]

  11. Inforged IFG33 Wheels

    Now its time to move the big guns and I’m talking about the luxury sport SUV’s that probably eat small cars for breakfast. If you watched TopGear, this vehicle above stumped Richard Hammond and just by looking at its sheer size, it’s easy to see why. Now, what type of wheels would you need to […]

  12. Inforged IFG8 Wheels

    Are you in the market for a set of wheels that speaks style, performance and elegance? Well then look no further than the Inforged IFG8. With its 5 split-spoke system and its clean meshed look that can even make Vin Diesel turn his head, you can guarantee your car will stand out no matter where […]

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