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Caliper Paint


Are your brake calipers faded? AutoCraze can freshen them up!

AutoCraze offers brake caliper painting to compliment your new wheels and tyres. Old and faded brake caliperscan let down the look of your car, so leave it up to AutoCraze to have your car looking mint.

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Brake calipers fade due to the harsh conditions it endures when you drive. Combined with the hot Australian climate, your brakes will inevitably fade from factory. A lick of paint from AutoCraze will have your calipers looking brand new.

Add attention to detail to your ride with brake caliper paint. Personalise your car by painting your brake calipers to match the look of your car. With your imagination the only limitation, AutoCraze can paint your brake calipers in any colour you wish.

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AutoCraze uses high quality paint to ensure the colour is durable with protective coating resistant to chipping, brake dust and automotive chemicals. First, the brake calipers are carefully prepared for paint. This is done by sanding down the caliper and applying primer so the new caliper paint does not crack over time. Sometimes rust builds up around the brake rotors, so the team at AutoCraze removes them before moving on. The caliper paint is then applied once preparations are made to the caliper and then left to air dry.

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AutoCraze pays close attention to detail and pride themselves of the work they complete to ensure that you are completely happy with the final result. Call us now on 1800 099 634 and speak with our friendly staff to see what options are available for you.

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Car Lowering


Suspension plays a big part in modifying your car. It can determine and change the feel and whole look of your car. With our specialised staff knowledgeable in all things cars, AutoCraze offers a range of car lowering services.

With the different suspension options available, AutoCraze can come up with a solution to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to enhance performance, handling, load carrying or purely ride height, AutoCraze has the right suspension components for you.

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For various budgets, there are different options available.

Spring compression or spring reset is for those who want to lower their car without having to fork out too much. This process of car lowering involves heating and retempering your current stock springs to a height that suits you. This process is a safe of way of lowering your car as it retains the same amount of coils on the stock springs while preserving the spring rates so your car is not overly stiff.

Another option available is aftermarket lowered springs. These are pre-set springs to a height of your choice, whether you prefer a 2inch or 3inch drop there are springs available to suit your needs. These springs are direct replacements of your current stock springs which utilises your current stock shocks to keep the ride comfort levels high.


The final option available from AutoCraze is fully adjustablecoilovers. This includes a full spring and shock combination with various packages that can include camber tops to adjust your front camber. Coilovers are the top of the line option that you can get to make your car handle like a dream. Coilovers are full adjustable suspension which means you can adjust your ride height to any level you wish, along with the ability to adjust the damper levels of your shocks to make it either ride soft for comfort or stiff for track racing. This option is most recommended as a small investment now means long term use and full customisation.

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Call AutoCraze now on 1800 099 634 and speak with our specialised staff to see what option is best for you.

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