BMW 1 Series F40 Wheels

Do you want the best wheels for your BMW 1 series f40? then head down to Autocraze. We are one of biggest wheel dealerships in Australia and we have an extensive range of new wheels and many sizes and finishes to go with it, from custom offsets to your stock standards. And as a bonus, we can supply and fit suspension parts to enhance your BMW 1 series f40’s performance.

Check out the range of wheels available here at AutoCraze.

Features of the BMW series 1 F40

  • Goes from 0 to 110 in 6.5 seconds.
  • Has supported driving capability and collision avoidance detection.
  • A fine example of a sporty European hatchback.
  • Max speed of 212 km/h

Check out the range of wheels available at AutoCraze;


King wheels are Australian-made and designed to handle the outback with ease, they have been doing so for the past 30 years. Their wheels are best known for their durability, strength and style, given the customers a run for their money.

Check out the range of King wheels available.


Rotiform Started in 2009 by two brothers in San Buja, California where they started off with two different wheel offers. This ballsy move ultimately paid off in the end as Rotiform is now one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Their wheels are custom made and have been endorsed by Ken Block who even had a wheel named after him (the KB1). Their wheels have even been used in numerous rally tournaments and racing events. The wheels they offer are forged, aerodiscs or have mono-block castings. And you should not worry about a thing as they offer multiple sizes and offsets for each of their custom wheels.


Inforged is a Taiwanese brand that has been creating wheels and selling imports for over 20 years. And with so many great reviews from customers and stakeholders, it’s one brand you do not want to turn your back on.

Their wheels are equipped with a scope designed in such a unique way that it makes the wheel look a full size larger and creates a “see-thru” appearance that also removes the valve from the wheels.

Check out the range of Inforged wheels available.

About Autocraze

We are an Australian owned and operated company that has over 20 years of experience. We provide the best quality wheels from the market and offer a 100% fitment guarantee. We know how much your ride means to you and it’s our priority to upgrade it to your perfection. Our numerous local business awards and great customer testimonials will make it hard to pick anywhere else. So, just give our friendly staff a call today at 1800 099 634!!!