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Black 4WD Rims



Grey Ford Ranger Raptor Black 4WD Rims

Ramp up your style with a new set of black 4WD rims at AutoCraze. AutoCraze is the motoring enthusiasts who are passionate about 4WD and bringing off-road designs back onto the street. Browse through over 10,000 wheels from all the leading brands including KMC, Fuel, Diesel, King and loads more.

Buy 4x4 rims from 16", 17", 18", 20", 22" and 24" sizes and in 8" to 12" widths. Select from the biggest range of classic and modern finishes such as black, gold, anthracite, gunmetal, bronze, chrome and so many more. You can find all these black 4WD rims and more on our online store or you can use the mag wheel selector at the top of the page to find the full range.


Save even more when you pair any of your black 4WD rims with any of our highway, all-terrain, or mud-terrain tyres with the largest range of affordable and premium tyres in the market. Choose from over 3000 tyres from big household brands including BF Goodrich tyres, Nitto, Hankook, Dunlop, Pirelli, Achilles, Toyo, and lots more.

All 4x4 black alloy wheels and tyre packages at AutoCraze are fitted and balanced at no extra cost with a 100% fitment guarantee. That means that all you should do is choose the style that best suits you and we'll do all the work to ensure that your 4x4 black wheels will work with no issue.

Black 4WD rims have been hitting Australia hard with it's tough look and sleek style. Making a statement with a dramatic turnaround from standard stock silver alloy wheels. The major trends of 4WD black rims are hitting the market hard but it doesn't have to stop there.

With innovative technologies and styles being released every year, you can buy black 4WD rims in many different forms including matte, polished, accented, hyper-black, chromium black, gun metal and so many more. The world is your oyster and to see our full range of 4WD black rims, use the mag wheel selector at the top of the page.

FAQ - Black 4WD Rims

What brand black 4WD wheels do you have?

AutoCraze has a wide range of 4WD black wheels from big brands such as Diesel, Fuel, KMC, King and loads more.

Are all the Black 4x4 rims sold at AutoCraze load rated?

Yes, all black 4x4 rims sold at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with all Australian standards.

What size black 4x4 wheels does AutoCraze offer?

AutoCraze offers a wide range of black 4x4 wheels ranging from 17", 18", 20" and 22" sizes.

Why Buy Black Rims 4x4 at AutoCraze

Our 4WD specialists have over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. AutoCraze has it all when it comes to our black 4wd rims for sale, stocked with the largest range for all types of vehicles including Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, 79 series Landcruiser, Jeep Wrangler, and much more. All black 4wd rims sold at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with Australian standards with free fitting and balancing for all-black rims and tyre packages.

► All our black 4wd rims are load rated at AutoCraze
► All black 4wd rims comply with Australian standards
► Buy now pay later – Up To 24 Months Interest-Free on all black 4wd rims
► Free fitting and balancing for all black 4wd rims and tyre packages
► Free installation kit for all black 4wd rims and tyre packages*
► 100% fitment guarantee on all black 4wd rims and tyre packages

Top Black 4WD Rims

Now our criteria for our top black 4WD rims is their structural integrity (ensuring maximum off-road sturdiness), unique style, fitment range and overall badassery. At AutoCraze we ensure all our wheels are load rated* and that they comply with Australia standards, so you can ensure that these top 5 contenders are roadworthy for Australian highways and outback roads.

check out some the black 4x4 rims that we offer at AutoCraze;



AutoCraze is proud to introduce the one and only NOMAD Sabbath, an exclusive to Autocraze. Taking inspiration from the fundamentals of the nomad lifestyle, of moving around and not being held back. Autocraze created the wheels ready for war! The Sabbath is ready to back you up in all your adventures from city driving to the weekend gateway with the boys, Nomad has you covered.

Wheels: Nomad Sabbath
Finishes Available: Matte Black | Hyper Black | Bronze
Sizes Available: 18″



KMC wheels are the market leader in aftermarket wheels. KMC wheels are specialised to suit both 4WD and passenger vehicles, you can certainly make a statement with a set of these quality wheels. Spending the majority of their efforts researching and developing not only the best styles but also the highest quality wheels and load ratings for the Australian and worldwide market.

KMC wheels are more of a lifestyle than an aftermarket wheel manufacturer. KMC understands the importance of your vehicle and endeavours to provide you with the best quality wheels on the market. KMC wheels are cast on the latest equipment in a cutting edge factory. These wheels are then machined on ultra-modern computer-controlled equipment to bring the raw casting to their final form.

Black Ford Ranger KMC Rockstar XD 2 wheels matte black nitto terra grappler tyres front shot

Wheels: KMC Rockstar XD 2
Finishes available: Matte Black | Matte Black Machined Face | Chrome
Sizes available: 17″ | 18″ | 20″ | 22″

The most iconic wheels on the market the KMC XD Rockstar 2 are weapons off and on the road. The tough 5 spoke design plays on a classic and adds 5 tapered double-spoke inserts on the top. With dish and flush fitments, these Ford Ranger mag wheels command respect.

If you love everything about this wheel but wanted a simpler design, the KMC XD Rockstar 1 might be the wheels for you.

Check out the range of KMC wheels available at AutoCraze.


King Wheels are the royalty of Mag Wheels. King Wheels have some of the most unique looks in SUV, 4×4 Wheels and performance wheels available. They have such a wide range of products that suit the diverse Australian environment. King wheels have scientifically constructed their products to withstand the harsh outback terrain for off-road enthusiasts as well as looking amazing and luxurious on city roads.

Wheels: King Zombie
Finishes Available: 
Satin black, candy red with black lip and black dark tint
Sizes Available: 
17″, 18″ and 20″

Check out the range of King wheels.



Wheels: Black Rhino Sidewinder
Sizes available: 17" | 18" | 20"
The Black Rhino Sidewinder is a tough multi-spoke wheel which has smooth curves jetting forward to grab the outer wheel and accented with heavy duty rivets. The impressive concave and hex rivet design is all attributed to the excellent design and construction by Black Rhino. Black Rhinos were built for the off-road with negative offsets designed for extreme lifted beasts. The wheel offsets are also available in more positive options which will still allow you to use it on vehicles with a mild lift. Adding that next level of aggression with the matte black 4WD rims styling. All Black Rhino wheels are fabricated from proprietary aluminium alloys that optimises weight performance and structural integrity.

The Black Rhino Sidewinder tick all the boxes for quality toughness for dual performance on and off the road. Black Rhino hard alloys, are a subsidiary brand of TSW wheels, known for their outstanding luxury and quality assurance. Black Rhino wheels are hub centric or are supplied with centering rings to ensure that you maintain that smooth vibration free ride. Paired with a set of excellent muddies or All-terrain tyres, the Black Rhino Sidewinder rims is one of our top black 4WD rims.



Wheels: SSW Cliff
Sizes available: 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"
Finishes available: Matte black | Hyper silver | Full polish black | Black machined face

SSW Cliffs are extremely popular and for a reason. The biggest draw is its unique spin on the simple five spoke design with hard edges and unrivalled crisp spokes to really accentuate the utilitarian look. The split spoke takes its all back to the outer lip, adding attitude with the large centre cap and rivets. Every car that rolls in and out of AutoCraze with the SSW Cliffs have been extremely happy with the result. The SSW Cliffs are not only perfect for rugged off-road rigs but won't break the bank.These are excellent value for money for load rated 4WD rims.

What's not to love about the SSW Cliffs. They're tough, intimidating and have a dominating presence suited to any 4WD enthusiast. Don't second guess with these black 4WD rims, forged with maximum strength that meet all Australian standards. These have made it onto the our top 5 because of the great value for money for the style and toughness it brings. You would be hard pressed to find an aggressive style like this in its price bracket.

Check out the range of SSW wheels available.



Wheels: Lenso RT Concave
Sizes available:  20"
Finishes available: Black

Don't let the photo's fool you with the Lenso RT Concave black 4WD rims. The deep concave and slenderer multi spoke design is something you won't typically see in a 4WD rim. Photo's don't do these black 4WD rims justice with a new dimension added to the wheels on how the tapered spokes meet the central hub in a sexy deep drop. The matte black finish against the long-exposed spokes are just elegant perfection. Adding a little poke with the protruding spoke ends over the lip is absolutely gorgeous. The Road Terrain engraved lettering lets people know you are serious about off-roading.

This has come up in our top tough black 4WD rims for its unique massive concave that makes you take a second look. Even on this black on black setup, the Lenso RT Concave still stands out.

4x4 Lift Kits | AutoCraze


Not only does AutoCraze have the largest range of black 4wd wheels in the market but we also have the largest range of quality 4x4 lift kits in the market. Using only top brands such as Dobinsons lift kit, Ironman, Bilstein, Tough Dog, Fox, EFS, and our very own AutoCraze lift kit. Stocked to suit all makes and models including Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi Triton, and many more.

Our in-house suspension specialist have over 30 years of combined experience being able to cater towards any of your suspension needs. From increasing towing & load carrying, off-roading, and even those who just want to give their pride and joy a tougher and more aggressive look.

4x4 Accessories | AutoCraze


AutoCraze has the largest range of quality 4x4 accessories in the market stocked with high quality 4x4 accessories such as bonnet protectors, flares, grilles, head + tail light trims, weather shields, side steps, and many more. We have accessories to suit Ford Rangers, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50 and lots more. We've worked on over hundreds of different 4WD, creating some of the most aggressive and stylish 4WD out there on the Australian roads.

If you're looking to deck out your pride and joy today! Call our number at 1800 099 634 and ask for our 4WD specialist.