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The most spoken about NRL Player of 2021! JUNIOR PAULO

The most spoken about NRL Player of 2021! JUNIOR PAULO

Read the stats, 2 games this season 2 tries and many more to come.

You name it he has done only at 27 years old;




Got his car Autocrazed… DONE ✔️

After following our socials, and seeing our reveals left right and center. The one and only Junior Paulo came in to speak to Mo about what can we do to his Ford Everest, and let us tell you did he get autocrazed! watch till the end of the video to see his crazy reaction!

RAGING RAM V2 – Our Biggest Ram Ever!


You know you are doing something right when you still get phone calls from the customers you served 3 years ago wan ting to buy again and again.

Autocraze always has been, always will be the best in the industry.

  • Fuel Rebel
  • Yokohama G003

Lifted Mercedes Benz X-Class


Just because it’s a Merc, it doesn’t mean it’s untouchable.

When you have a luxury ute like the X-class, you’re already making a statement, but Sydney Trade Supplies is one of those customers who likes pushing the boundaries. Jacked 3 inches with adjustable upper arms, bigger tyres, flares and American Racing wheels make this lux ute the king of both on-road and off-road. Also makes a statement when he rocks up on site.

  • Flares (OEM)
  • Nitto tyres TERRA GRAPPLER G2
  • American Racing AX202
  • Adjustable upper arms (PSR)
  • Bilstein 3” lift

I want to get my car BUILT !