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BBS Replica Wheels



BBS Replica Wheels | Greats Deals On Aftermarket BBS Rims 

BBS is the world's most well-known brand for light alloy wheels. This is confirmed by awards from leading German and international automotive trade magazines. Careful controls guarantee the quality of products made by BBS, beginning with the heat treatment up to the surface finish. Each wheel produced is heat treated as this is crucial for the strength of the aluminium. BBS only uses environmentally friendly coatings. The coating method guarantees the OEM quality of leading premium car manufacturers.

BBS replica wheels have been increasing in popularity largely due to the exponential growth of the car scene on a global level. Many counterfeit companies are producing their own BBS Replica Wheels in hope of gaining rapid growth and sales volume. These wheels are great and are vital in giving your vehicle the edge in performance and looks. BBS replica wheels are at a much lower price point and thus are much more appealing to the community at large. With an abundance of BBS replica wheels in many different sizes and styles available at AutoCraze we will have a set which will truly give that touch of personality to your ride. We pride ourselves in delivering the best customer service at wholesale prices! So, if you are in the market for a set of BBS replica wheels or even genuine BBS wheels, AutoCraze will fully cater to your needs with many styles to choose from.

AutoCraze's Top Picks

Here are AutoCraze's best BBS replica wheel recommendations:

XXR 521



These XXRs are one of the most popular BBS replica wheels. They incorporate a step lip design with clean cut mesh spokes and are available in both matte black and gun metal. These BBS replica wheels can also be further customised with removable metal rivets in chrome, red, blue, gold and gloss black. They range from 17'', 18'' and also 20'' sizes with widths up to 10.5'' for more extreme fitments. Enhance your vehicle that extra bit of class and personality with a great set of XXR wheels!

 XXR 536


XXR 536 wheels are another popular choice of wheels for car enthusiasts looking to purchase BBS replica wheels. These wheels are available in platinum, black, gold, gun metal, hyper silver and also black colours. They are available in 15'' sizes up to 18'' and offer a range of offsets to suit your vehicle. If you are after dish, these wheels also offer a lip size of up to 3.5''. The centre caps are also constructed from billet aluminium in a super low profile. A set of BBS replica wheels will allow you to cruise through town in style.

The AutoCraze Way

At AutoCraze, we are authorised distributors of BBS replica wheels and also genuine BBS wheels for your pride and joy. Our team consists of knowledgeable representatives and provide friendly service to cater for every customer’s needs and deliver the best BBS replica wheels to your vehicle’s specifications. We cater BBS replica wheels for all makes and models with each set specially made to order and will provide you with constant updates on the status of your BBS replica wheels order. With purchasing a high priced item we understand that a buyer’s security is vital and as such we utilise PayPal to send and receive money. We also ensure that all tyres are load rated and comply with strict Australian standards. Furthermore, we guarantee 100% fitment every time. We also offer the best prices on wheel and tyre packages, up to 50% off and include free fitting and balancing.


Visit our online store today to see the special deals we have on our BBS replica wheels, tyres and other car accessories to enhance your vehicle or alternatively give us a call on 1800 099 634.