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When it comes to the Audi Q7, having the right wheels is crucial for both performance and style. Quality wheels not only enhance the look of your luxury SUV but also improve handling, stability, and overall driving experience. With a wide range of customization options available, from larger sizes to unique designs and finishes, you can truly make your Audi Q7 stand out on the road. At AutoCraze, we offer an extensive selection of top-notch wheels to help you achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for your Q7.


Trending Audi Q7 Wheel Styles

Upgrading your Audi Q7 wheels isn’t just about improving performance—it’s also about adding a personal touch and making a statement. Here are some of the latest trends in Audi Q7 wheel styles that can transform your vehicle’s look and feel.


Larger Wheel Sizes: Aesthetic and Performance Benefits

One of the most popular trends among Audi Q7 owners is opting for larger wheel sizes. Wheels ranging from 20 inches to 22 inches are becoming increasingly sought after. But why the bigger wheels?


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Larger wheels instantly give your Q7 a more powerful and commanding presence on the road. They fill the wheel arches more completely, enhancing the overall look and giving your vehicle a sleek, modern edge.


  • Performance Benefits: Beyond looks, larger wheels can also improve handling and stability. They offer better grip and traction, which is particularly beneficial for an SUV like the Q7. With larger wheels, you can enjoy a smoother ride and improved cornering capabilities, making your driving experience even more enjoyable.


Concave Wheel Designs: Sporty and Aggressive Look

Another trend gaining traction is the use of concave wheel designs. These wheels have a distinctive inward curve that not only looks stunning but also adds a sporty and aggressive vibe to your Audi Q7.


  • Visual Impact: Concave wheels create a sense of depth and dimension, making your vehicle stand out. They are perfect for drivers who want their Q7 to have a more dynamic and unique appearance.


  • Enhanced Performance: These designs aren’t just about aesthetics. The concave shape can contribute to a lighter wheel, which can improve acceleration and braking performance. Plus, they often provide better ventilation for the brakes, which is an added performance benefit.


Staggered Wheel Setups: Enhanced Handling and Dynamic Appearance

Staggered wheel setups, where the front and rear wheels are different sizes, are becoming a favourite among Audi Q7 enthusiasts. This configuration can significantly enhance both the look and performance of your vehicle.


  • Balanced Aesthetics: A staggered setup gives your Q7 a more aggressive stance and a balanced look. With wider rear wheels, your SUV looks more planted and stable, which is visually appealing.


  • Improved Handling: This setup isn’t just for show. Wider rear wheels can provide better traction, especially during acceleration, making your Q7 handle more dynamically. This is particularly useful for a high-performance SUV like the Q7, as it improves cornering and overall stability.


Ready to Embrace the Trends?

These trending wheel styles are more than just a fashion statement—they offer real benefits that can enhance your Audi Q7’s performance and appearance. At AutoCraze, we have a wide selection of these popular styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for larger wheels, concave designs, or a staggered setup, we’ve got you covered.


Explore our collection today and give your Audi Q7 the upgrade it deserves. With AutoCraze, you can trust that you’re getting the best in both quality and style.


Top Wheel Brands for Audi Q7

Choosing the right brand of wheels for your Audi Q7 can be a game-changer in terms of both style and performance. Here, we’ll dive into some of the top brands that Audi Q7 owners love, each offering unique benefits and standout designs.


Check out some of the Audi Q7 wheels available at AutoCraze;


With wheel sizes ranging from 18″ to 24″ and premium quality finishes including silver brushed, satin black, titanium brushed, gloss black, and loads more. Zenetti has exploded into the wheel market since 2000 with their sole goal of producing and designing fashion-forward wheels. Manufacturing automotive products that would be considered jewelry for your pride and joy.


Audi Q7 fitted with a set of Zenetti Baron wheels in a silver machined-face finish.


Audi Q7 fitted with a set of Zenetti Baron wheels in a silver machined-face finish.


Asanti wheels have exploded on the market with their over-the-top and stylish wheels. Designed and inspired by luxury performance and 4X4 vehicles, Asanti wheels are the premium choice for quality and showstopping wheels.

Its unique forging techniques and customisation options make Asanti wheels the luxury wheel kings. Asanti wheels take luxury and quality seriously with superior forging methods over traditional casting techniques resulting in a much stronger and lighter wheel.

The bold quality colour finishes and insanely innovative spoke designs put every ride fitted with Asanti wheels on the map. Not limited to exotic supercars, Asanti wheels accommodate classic muscle, luxury Europeans, high-end SUV and 4X4.


Audi Q7 fitted with a set of Asanti ABL14 Wheels front shot.


Audi Q7 fitted with a set of Asanti ABL14 Wheels front fitment shot.

If you're looking for a set of Audi Q7 wheels then you've definitely come to the right place. AutoCraze stocks all the biggest named brands for all your Audi Q7 rims needs. Choose from a variety of brands such as Asanti, Zenetti, Mason, Niche, Rotiform, and loads more.

Vossen: Performance-Oriented Wheels

Vossen wheels are synonymous with performance and style. Known for their high-quality construction and innovative designs, Vossen wheels are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.


  • Innovative Designs: Vossen wheels feature cutting-edge designs that blend aesthetics with performance. Their Hybrid Forged series, for instance, offers a perfect balance of strength and weight savings.


  • Superior Performance: Vossen wheels are built to enhance your vehicle’s performance. They offer improved handling, stability, and overall driving dynamics, making them a top choice for Audi Q7 owners who demand the best.


Choosing the Right Wheels for Your Q7

Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every Audi Q7 owner. Whether you’re looking for bold designs, refined elegance, or high performance, AutoCraze has the right wheels for you. Explore our collection and find the perfect set to enhance your Q7’s style and performance.


Why Choose AutoCraze for Your Audi Q7 Wheels

When it comes to finding the perfect wheels for your Audi Q7, AutoCraze is your best bet. We pride ourselves on offering an incredible range of high-quality wheels and providing expert advice to ensure you get exactly what you need. Here’s why AutoCraze should be your top choice for upgrading your Q7’s wheels.


A Wide Selection of Top Brands

At AutoCraze, we have over 6000 wheels from some of the biggest names in the industry. Our extensive inventory means you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re after stylish new rims or high-performance wheels. We stock top brands like Rotiform, Niche, Zenetti, and Asanti, each known for their unique designs and exceptional quality.


Rotiform wheels are perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. Their innovative designs and finishes make them a popular choice for Audi Q7 owners looking to stand out. If you’re drawn to luxury and sophistication, Asanti wheels offer high-end options with superior forging methods and stunning finishes.


For those who prefer classic elegance, Zenetti wheels provide a range of fashionable designs that combine modern style with premium craftsmanship. And if you’re after wheels that deliver both performance and style, Niche offers a variety of choices that cater to both aesthetics and function.


Expert Fitment and Quality Assurance

Choosing the right wheels for your Audi Q7 isn’t just about finding a stylish set of rims; it’s also about ensuring they fit perfectly and perform well. That’s where our in-house fitment specialists come in. With over 200 years of combined experience, our team is here to make sure your new wheels not only look great but also fit flawlessly and meet all safety standards.


Our specialists use advanced tools and techniques to guarantee that your wheels will fit your Q7 without any issues. We take the time to check every detail, from the wheel size and offset to the bolt pattern, so you can drive away with confidence knowing that your wheels are installed correctly and safely.


Why Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it—our customers rave about their experiences with AutoCraze. We’re committed to providing top-notch service, from helping you choose the right wheels to ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Our team is always ready to answer your questions, offer advice, and assist with any concerns you might have.


In addition to our excellent products and services, we offer competitive prices and frequent promotions, so you can get the best deals on Audi Q7 wheels.


Choosing AutoCraze for Audi Q7 Wheels

In conclusion, selecting the right wheels for your Audi Q7 is an important decision that impacts both the style and performance of your vehicle. At AutoCraze, we understand this significance and are dedicated to offering a vast range of high-quality wheels from renowned brands like Niche, Rotiform, Assanti and Vossen. Each brand brings unique benefits, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and requirement.


AutoCraze stands out not only for its extensive inventory but also for its commitment to quality assurance and expert fitment services. Our team of specialists ensures that every wheel fits perfectly and performs optimally on your Q7. We take pride in our detailed attention to fitment, which guarantees that you drive away with wheels that are both stylish and safe.


We invite you to explore AutoCraze’s offerings and see for yourself the difference quality wheels can make. With our competitive prices, expert advice, and top-notch customer service, you can make an informed purchase that enhances your driving experience. Upgrade your Audi Q7 with wheels from AutoCraze and enjoy the perfect blend of style and performance.


Call 1800 099 634 to order your set of Audi Q7 wheels today at AutoCraze!