Aodhan wheels


Looking for a set of AodHan wheels? Then you’ve come to the right place. AutoCraze offers AodHan wheels at up to 50% off. AutoCraze stocks all the latest range of AodHan wheels in the market at the best prices. Aodhan wheels come in a variety of different finishes including matte black, silver, machined face, bronze, chrome and loads more with a wide range of wheel sizes ranging from 16″ – 20″ sizes.

About AodHan Wheels

The team at AodHan wheels has more than 10+ years in the design, manufacturing and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry. With leading-edge style and precision engineering, their unique designs and wheel fitments support applications of performance, luxury and standard vehicles.

Wheels Designers and Engineers 
Aodhan has created dedicated and highly educated teams that focus on the unique design, functionality and industry-leading performance of our products.
Quality is the base of development for AodHan Wheels. The quality management centre is established to manage the implementation of a quality standardized system. The professional department was brought in to carry out the verification tests on new products. The test production and verification process is carried out strictly according to the condition of test production: CMM dimensional inspection, leak detection inspection and imbalance inspection as well as Impact, bending and rolling test.
All Aodhan wheels exceed fatigue and rolling resistance and CASS corrosion testing standards. manufacturing Aodhan Wheels use industry-leading methods to manufacture and produce their wheels. The low-pressure casting process allows for a monoblock design while being strong, durable and affordable to the consumer without compromising quality. Our newest manufacturing process Flow Formed would be the next tier up in quality. This process allows for an outstandingly robust wheel while being lighter than a monoblock cast wheel.

FAQ – Aodhan wheels

Are Aodhan wheels load rated?

Yes, all Aodhan wheels sold at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with Australian standards. 

What wheel sizes do Aodhan wheels offer?

Aodhan wheels come in a wide variety of sizes including 15″ to 22″ sizes.

What finishes do Aodhan wheels offer?

Aodhan wheels are available in a wide range of finishes including matte black, bronze and loads more.

What vehicles do Aodhan wheels suit?

Aodhan wheels are suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles.

check out some of the Aodhan wheels available;

Aodhan DS03 Wheels

Aodhan Wheels DS3 18x10.5 +15 on 2006 Wrx

Aodhan Wheels DS3 18×10.5 +15 on 2006 Wrx

Wheels: Aodhan DS3 Wheels
Finishes Available: Black Vacuum, Gold, Chrome
Sizes Available: 18″

Aodhan DS07 Wheels


Wheels: Aodhan DS07 Wheels
Finishes Available: Gloss Black, Silver, Bronze
Sizes Available: 18″ | 19″

If you’re looking for a set of Aodhan wheels then you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call on 1800 099 634 to find out more about the range of Aodhan wheels available.